Rushed Spirituality


Rushed anything… in my opinion, is often just sloppy.  So then why would we rush one of the greatest times and experiences we can have?  Now trust that I get it.  I’ve experienced no/not enough time.  So at least one can get a taste.  Yet, we can make time and that can make all the difference.

Like, we don’t rush a vacation… and maybe this is an extended vacation.

At some point I am sure I’ve shared a perspective on mass awakening and enlightenment.  Like, this planet isn’t ready just yet.  Many are very happy in their experience.  I was reminded as I looked around the other day.  So, let them be happy!  And, some are not… and are finding their way, too.  Allow.

Yet mass awakening is happening and many do turn to Spirituality (for answers, healing, connection, to manifest, etc.) and oh the variety of ways to be.  From my perspective though, awakening/ascending/a spiritual journey is to be savored… unfold… and takes time.  Many (mission driven) may well be here and now to assist the many yet… let’s truly experience this.  Not falsely or rushed.  It is a very sacred and individual process that does, in the right times and ways, connect to a much larger.  And there’s so much to remember, be moved by, explore, experience and create.

Simply, we don’t rush things that we love.  Unconditional love is patient.  Breathe… enjoy the moment… the music and the dance.  This is a wonderful time to rediscover your/the heart… surroundings and to remember.

So … let’s also look at this slant.  Some may understand these words:  This was not to become about that.  Spirituality can/will fold you right back into your amazing life.  I’ll also share… I’d asked for an assist on remembering (something) and heard:  you can’t get an assist for what you already know.  Ahh, bingo!  Could it be that Spirituality will only get one so far…?  Love and knowing possibly even further…?

So we do… and do not make enlightenment … (or you could fill in the blank here, too) happen.  It’s a mystery, plan and going against the tide… trying to force/rush…  well, that seems to go against our nature.  Relax… lighten UP… continue on and enjoy.  ❤



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4 comments on “Rushed Spirituality

  1. Love this post! Nothing good and worth having comes from rushing into it and not truly appreciating the process. Spirituality requires patience and dedication. I also discuss spirituality on my blog and would love to have you visit. 🙂

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