The significance

This is just a sharing of what I AM experiencing.  This is a time of knowings to be known. Some more significant ones are saved for last and may or may not resonate – both awesome as we’re all helping to refine.  So this may seem a bit choppy as I just… write.  ❤

The other day in meditation, a new and lovely path was shown to me. It was beautiful (trees, flowers, the colors) and I savored the visual and vibration.  I later thought, wow, no dirt, mud, rocky or inclined path, no swamp or flood/urgency symbolism. Yes, a new path/time/way is unfolding.

So not details in this meditation and if one still needs that… or money/success/anything… well, this has often sent me back to school.

In another meditation, gifts were given. I’ve had this happen before. This time a robe, a rose and a gem.  Items can hold significance/knowledge to an individual and often will also come into reality – possibly in a different form yet of the same vibration. They may also be tools or guidance.

Understanding on a new level that one doesn’t need to respond/fix/heal/make it right for another. While we do… often, it is their own process. We do need to continue to be who we are, regardless and allow our gift to pour through and shine. To be represented and available.

That when a (psychic) sense/skill goes down or offline, others surface/are remembered/ practiced/become keen. And we literally are becoming light/angelic like beings. Being shown this in a random reality moment is oh so cool.

I’ve experienced chakra’s (1-7 and then up to 12 and then…) and then no chakra’s/every cell thing. I’ve experienced the Merkabah, the column of light and torus energy.  I’ve often felt the shifts and bubbling up of energy. Now the energy is moving/leaping in a parallel direction where in the past it was just up and down. The torus field now in a new, very tangible way.  It does go forward and behind us. The behind energy can feel like support or a nudge to do what you need to do.

I’ve also received some reminders on our body as sacred geometry, pyramids, elements and the old being both awoken and released by the heat/fire and then the dna/blueprint that is needed, fortifies in the chill that one may feel as they rest/allow.  Often processes (that don’t register in our analytical mind) are happening and need time. Spirit may distract as one learns or works on something else… and then, bam it all syncs up again.

I’ve also often felt a process of anchoring energy and allowing it to awaken/unfold in my body.  It can take days.  At times heart expansions, headache, etc.  I was reminded, anchoring is no longer needed as it can just pour through.

Towards the end of 2016, I was feeling some intense energy.  It was mission driven and excitement and I thought I knew… and that 2017 would be the year.  Well… it was… just not how I thought.  The first 9 months would be more deep and personal reality work… and yes, much sharing, too.  So I can already feel 2018 yet this time no expectations/predictions/etc.

This also reminds me that this journey can be different/confusing.  There are times when we become so present and discern.  Everything is a sign/has meaning/is a mirror and for one to focus on/dissect.  Then comes a time when… it’s so not about you… at all.  One can just observe as it’s about a larger picture and simply is… what’s needed in the moment.  And then times when yes, we alchemize/elevate.

A few years ago I felt that lightworkers/forerunners were to pull up the next and oh how I had all sorts of grand ideas on how this would work as I believe and work on the light grid. Whoever has been our forerunner(s) have been doing this.  In gratitude.  And are we doing this in return…?  Yes! and as one is ready.  There may also come a time when it is one’s time to… well, I want to say surpass yet this is not a race.  It’s just being different… and it may start small yet grows.  It may also require bravery as moments of unknown/silence are needed.  It is our role to go beyond what we’ve been shown.  So it’s like a dance or changing/expansion of the guard – much respect and reverence as all have a role and purpose.  And at the same time we don’t go faster than our angels/higher self and the Universal design.

And finally… for now, lol… as I sat in an outdoor morning meditation, tears rolled down my face. Heart was wide open and I could feel the planet being flooded by Galactic love. There are no words to describe.  Like nothing else mattered and such a gift.  It was a feeling and knowing and will/can forever change you… and your perspective.  It was like a soft and warm ocean wave… so then I knew.  This Galactic LOVE has always been there verses what at first I though was just a moment/pulse. We are loved/supported/protected that much and all the time.

For years I haven’t worried about many hot topics (such as chem trails, galactic wars/dark forces, etc.) as I have my own understanding. The dark and wars are what we still have to individually and collectively release and can present in a variety of ways.  It is an old way of thinking about our amazing planet and Universe.  One could say this/now is well beyond 5D and available when one is ready.  I was reminded that many of the higher/other planes don’t have the duality/issues/what we view as negative here.  Like once you get here, there doesn’t have to be more to clear, it’s all good.   Oh yes, let’s enjoy and be, this.  ❤

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