Don’t feel like Self…?


And particularly your normal/higher-self?  It’s okay and awesome.  Alrighty light and loves… how we doing??  We’ve been clearing a bit physically/emotionally/mentally/spiritually.  So this may be a time of those unexpected and unfiltered… well, moments.  The ones that seem a bit more challenging to maneuver through with ease and grace.  If one can take a step back, you may see that this is to just acknowledge/realize something, allow/love … or possible make a small or large intention/change. 

One may also be aware, like wait, I’ve felt this before and thought… (it was no longer in your energy/a thing in the past).  Ha!  We’re also clearing memories/residual as well.  Spirit is being thorough.  And in all of this, we are growing!  Getting to our (new) truth.  And very soon to experience the other side of this.  (Well… it can be, now yet trust your process.)

So one might have/be experiencing a…  mood/attitude/snappy… overthinking… sadness… physically not feeling well or a low/blah feeling yet knowing this is not who one is.  One may need silence/rest/comfort/time/space.  Or… to speak up.  Perfect!

If one gets stuck… think, what will o-p-e-n your heart…?  Oh it can be so simple!  Or just do something that brings you joy.  Yet, I’ll share this is a time of what brings one joy is changing – take note.

And if one is feeling good/stellar then you’re probably in creation, play or being mode.  Continue!  All is well.  And… as we’re ready, we’ll move along.   This next wave will assist us all to know… whatever that may be.  Smiling…. ❤

3 comments on “Don’t feel like Self…?

  1. Very accurate message for me!! And for now, still feeling rather ‘flat’….!
    Looking forward to ‘MOVING FORWARD’ again, but Hopefull with greater EASE 😊❤️

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    • Was just sitting outside and we have some (what feels like) healing clouds and rain/release is in the forecast for tomorrow here. Rest needed today and taking this moment by moment. ❤ ❤ ❤ ya!

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