Notes…?  Yes, a few.  Yet I will say this is a time when I could also easily just… let go… and you may also be feeling this.  Outside the wind is blowing… and a “front” is to roll through.  Yes to that, too, as solar wind is incoming.  So this seems to be a time of just… doing your best.  And it’s a mix of honoring whatever arises/being present and being authentic. 

I’ve had those small reminders that, all is well… like mini rainbows in the sky, ear ringing and even a moment of throbs/pulsing (letting me know we’re all synching up).  And time seems to be going quickly.

I try to share small things that may assist as comfort measures and the latest seems to be a weighted/quilted blanket if one is finding themselves restless yet needing rest.  And… a reminder to work/play with issues as energy and in the energy planes.  I first stated this several years ago and was surprised to see the effects unfold.  And don’t forget to check your astral voice mail.  Messages may be, in cue.  😉

I’ll also share that I’ve had moments where words seem too heavy.  I’ve just had to smile or give a  ❤ icon.  Many of us have been balancing/reconnecting the heart and mind – possibly feeling moments where the mind needs to process… or exhaust it’s self, lol.  One could say a new spiritual IQ is awakening/settling in our human mind.  Keep breathing and open mind; this is not to be a struggle.

Some time ago I was walked through different dimensions and more recently a moment of wonder mixed with knowing.  The higher planes are our future Earth.  We anchor in 5D (even more) … and slowly continue.

We are different now … and becoming even more comfortable with our process and in our skin.  Feel it?  Oh I do hope so.  So sweet now… keep moving/allowing.  ❤



P.S.  Filtering/random energy as I awake or am awoken and dreams (suggesting releasing, too).

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