I sit here after a full day… and smile.  Oh many moments and possible things to write about.  Yet I will choose a feeling… and it is, tender.  As in gentle, kind… benevolent.  As I reflect on all of the possible energies one could feel… this one feels right.  Interesting though as tender can be associated with discomfort or even pain. 

Well… the day started in needing a bit more rest and then a mild headache and then needing water, water, water (flush).  A geostorm has started.   I was reminder, as a turtle crossed the highway… go slow, be brave, keep moving yet, be willing to change course… (and if we take a nudge/push, our shell will protect us as we may spin yet land where needed).

This time feels like whatever we’ve been working on (world peace/personal issues/ upgrades/missions/etc.) that it’s time to let go and see what syncs up, becomes known… and to see/feel the options that are support.  It’s not too late though to tidy/finish up or make a new intention or take a new action.  There’s no time like now.

And one may now see that this is indeed a crossroads time.  And what (path) will one choose…?


I’ll share a message I noted the other day:    Now.  Not as you think.  As you do.  Go ahead and surprise self.  Nothing holds you back. You are here… and now… for a reason.  Be patient, polite… yet bold.  Gentle yet knowing.  And not serious, lighthearted is needed.  Your angels surround you and will continue to show the way.  Many are in process – this is sacred and to be honored.  Something so amazing is happening… do you feel it…? 

Oh I do.  This time/passageway/crossover is inviting us… and it is easy… yet… might not be easy for all.  It can take a second or weeks/months.  Time doesn’t matter.  Trust and follow your heart as it is your soul, gateway and spirit.



(All pics found online, second – artwork signed/tagged and can be found here)

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