wheat from the chaff

I’ve started two posts yet neither of them seem to capture this moment so… here we go!  There are parts of this wave that are so pure, simple, natural and easy… if one will allow/trust and flow.  And… it can also be felt as a doozy.  Possibly even a tissy.  Oh aren’t those interesting words/energies!  So let’s catch self if a bit off, take a step back, laugh/lighten up and embrace. 

I’d noted this was a time to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Ahh, yup… all that extra fluff that was needed for us to grown is now being removed.  Just the seed/grain that’s matured and is now needed.  Another stripping/peeling back/lightening up/morphing time.  Trust that this seed has a purpose, is part of the larger and has great potential to grow.

And while I am all about slow and steady, this may be a time of rapid… transformation.  One may feel they are changing so fast an a-ha or answer given or action taken… well in the next moment is no longer who you are.  It served a purpose and the next/new is already happening.  [note: this may be a challenge to those who surround, like they can’t keep up]

This is a time to find your tribe yet again.  We are growing and expanding.  Communication, connection and community are important.  Roots also seem to be important.  Either allowing them to be moved or to grow in a deeper or new direction.  One may also be getting to a root issue verses what presented as a surface issue/trigger/reality – inviting one to go a bit deeper.  Legs/lower body may remind if one is feeling some heat or muscle cramps.  An Epson salt bath or a good stretch may also help to keep all this energy moving or to allow whatever needs to surface… or drop away.

Now can also through place one in their mind a bit too much.  Holding space may assist and allowing others to have their process, too.  We’ll all catch up again to play.  Years ago I was shown an image of a mind and how to hold space in the middle.  Like a book that slowly opens and then the light pours out from the “book”.  It’s a way to balance the left and right side and may take practice.  Relax, breathe and have fun with it.


Our mind is a gift so love and work with it.  Some are receiving large downloads or having massive re-wirings.  One can also hold space in their heart or being… or work with getting the energy to flow/balance between the heart, mind, Universe, etc.

And with this geo storm, one may be restless or have insomnia.  Full of energy or wire tired.  Just do your personal best.  If something gets complicated… let go or shift it to simple.

One may also now see a ripple effect happening.  Something from several weeks ago is very much factoring into this energy/your reality.  I often chuckle as everything happens for a reason and it’s interesting to see how it plays out in time/energy/vibration.  Just see what feels right and really much can be held loosely.  Interesting though… can you imagine the next ripple… ahh probably in a few weeks; about Thanksgiving (here in the US).  Choices are important.  Follow your heart and be open to guidance (dreams, signs, whispers) and moments of pondering, too.

So are we having fun maneuvering through this energy…?  Oh I do hope so.  I’ve had several of those zero-point moments.  Where one allows self to come undone, if just for a moment, and then you’re back yet different.  It is peace, love and a gift.

It was a pleasure to write… and more later.  Much love.

6 comments on “wheat from the chaff

  1. Whoa…..My Molly!! Can I just say PERFECT….SO RIGHT ON! I’m feeling SUCH PEACE, yet letting Go, and ALL, and I do mean ALL IS SYNC! Navigating these most ‘Present’ Energies has been a challenge to say the least…..! But oh the PRESENT, I’m FEELING is BEYOND any GIFT that I have RECIEVED thus far…but you know, how far I have traveled to get here, right!? AMAZING LONG STRECH OF AWESOMENESS! ✨❤️✨

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