Pure Source Energy

Alrighty lights and loves… short and sweet:  some of us are pulling in massive amounts of light.  This may or may not be the case for all and how this presents in your body and reality may be confusing (at first) to the mind.  Like all the other moments/steps, breathe… 

allow and do your best.  Keep things simple… and ask for assistance/let your inner circle know.  It can be for an hour or… weeks.  While often these are pulses, it can also happen at any time in your plan.  It can give you energy to get stuff done yet also can be very ungrounded.  One may be more dialed in, increased dream activity or physically feeling these.  It can feel great, natural or… awkward/strange/overwhelming/OOBish – so if it gets too much, you have free will and can ground self (cold shower).  And one may just need to sleep – honor your process/body.

So whatever you had planned, well, it can probably wait or be done more simply.  First and foremost is to receive/anchor this higher dose.  From my experience it comes and then, will seem to cut off; one may have several cycles though.  And anything that’s not in accordance with your plan may become painfully obvious.

By now, you have ways that assist (music, time in nature, laughter, hugging, Epson salt bath, journaling, stretching, creating, rest or more meditation) yet one may also feel that nothing seems to lessen the (knock your socks off) energy you’re feeling.  Be sure to check in for guidance, too.  It may be limited yet enough.

And, I’ll give this analogy.  When one learns how to ride a bike or swim, you don’t forget.  Whether in three feet of water or thirty, you know how to swim.  Just because you realize you’re in deeper water, panic doesn’t serve – just keep swimming.

This higher energy is who we’re becoming and a bit of Heaven we’re bringing to the here and now.  So, enjoy!  ❤




7 comments on “Pure Source Energy

  1. BAM!! Just like that…lol
    Monday through Thursday were beyond Energetic Bliss, I cleaned my house, and had 4 more lined up for the week, this happened due to rescheduling from the prior week due to that first “Wave” that pretty much flattened this Chickie….!!!
    Spirit does work in Mysterious ways! My 4th house would have been today (Friday), but there was a glitch with my client (cabinets being installed) etc. Originally we were scheduled for this coming Monday, but the cabinet guys NOW were going to be coming, this is where I was ending up with the 4th house…lol KEEP IT SIMPLE ANNETTE!! okay….last evening I got a text, and today got canceled, and I was a bit rattled, as I needed the income, BUT, OMG what a DIVINE intervention, as I was totally unable to work today….SLEEP? Oh yes!! I just want to share what I experienced this time, as I had never before….Heart pounding in my chest (now I have experienced this), but not the WEAK at the knees/legs/shaking, did this scare me? You bet it did, in fact I thought maybe I was ready to Exit!! But I checked in with a dear Soul Sister, and she gave it a name for me, as she had experienced this just recently, and at other times as well, I do believe. “Lower body drop” she called it, and this made perfect sense!!! Thank you Molly Brown, because this helped me to calm down and ALLOW this AMAZING SOURCE ENERGY to do its thing….and now, I feel rested and at PEACE! This ‘bike ride’ I will NOT forget, and when I get back up on it…YUP, I will be riding with no hands 🙂 ❤
    P.S. And, my client texted me this afternoon when I awoke from my deep slumber, and said…Sorry for all the confusion Annette, if you want to still come on Monday just let me know…the cabinet guys wont be there, they had to reschedule…:) 🙂 ❤
    So yes, SPIRIT truly did have my back!!! 0;)

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    • Trust that Spirit will rearrange our schedules! I’ve had busy days and then within minutes wiped clean and then I know… Thank you for writing all of this. Divine and better together and PERFECT. ❤ ❤ ❤

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