From toes to head

Or from sole/soul to crown.  How quick is the energy changing…?  Again writing a post and just left it to start a new one.  So checking-in on, the body.  That’s what I am feeling most.  There have been times of more mental, emotional or spiritual work/experiences.  So how this may be felt again ranges.  From heat/kundalini/life force rising or stirring to…

  • a chill
  • headache
  • fluish – body ache, nausea or flowing of the bowels
  • as if there are no/less veils – seeing things or colors seem richer  (really all of our senses – smell, taste, etc.)
  • (lower) body different, weak in the knees, muscle spasms
  • heart pressure, flutter, expansion
  • energy moving in or around you or seeing light/pulses when you close your eyes
  • feeling a bit disoriented
  • ANYTHING that feels whoa/different/sends you to google to see if it’s normal.

Well… it’s not.  It’s extraordinary!  And so are YOU.

Here a flood watch and wind advisory was issued yesterday as I was feeling an easy, breezy day so I seemed to anticipate something.  So a perfect day to stay in and allow.  Sleep/rest, a bath or tv/movie time may help.  It’s okay to be lazy/veg out.  Trust that this won’t last long.  We’re expanding into something new and substantially different/more.  So keeping this short and simple for now.  Please, help your body help you… ❤


UPdate:  Many starbursts today, portals open…   (will write more later)

6 comments on “From toes to head

  1. All of it….Abosulely ALL 💞
    As much as I like, not love Halloween, dressing up…fun, but what I’m pulling in, is not FUN…..WAY too much flying around…..😜

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