Yesterday was like wowziers for me as far as integrating.  So much and many are feeling.  In ways it’s easy yet may not be easy for all.  And I know that it will unfold and look forward to this.  So I feel like I have much to share yet this will just cover a thing or two.

Thank goodness for time and I’ll get around to the other insights soon.

I found myself pondering/a bit curious as so much of this journey has been well paced.  There have been some accelerated moments this year and now it seems even more.  Spirit referred to it as a tailgate party and smiled… yet I didn’t understand this at first.  Well, on the tail of one moment/energy, the next is starting.  We are rolling along.

It’s as if the blinders are off.  No more veils/timelines/personal blocks and much disclosure/union/change.

I thought back to a message from several weeks ago.  Gently implying that the process many of us have been in for years (possibly decades) now may change.  Suggesting that a window/process – could be labeled as ascension and the very physical/literal work that we’ve been doing – may lessen/fade/conclude.  For some this may bring relief as this is not always an easy process.  It’s as if we’re in accordance to our plan and had our fill… and have a new role to play.  So possibly, why it’s now more – cramming it all in.  It does seem we’re in the wave pool and the speed/rate/quantity has been set higher.

I do know that the more rapid and plethora of energy can feel overwhelming and/or take a toll on our body.  Yet, we’ve been practicing for some time now.  Many of us have experienced spiritual burnout at some point in the journey and that’s not part of the plan now so… pace self.  Think, ease… grace and love.  Supporting and caring for self through this amazing process.  So a soothing moment, time-out or pep-talk may assist – be sure to check-in with self.  And weather may be a reminder/guide.

We are UP and in more ways than one… and, on to the next adventure.  For now though some may just need to trust and hold on.  ❤


P.S.  Halloween (in Ireland and US) can be a reminder.  We’re surrounded by loved ones.  Be open to signs/messages or a meditation to see what a departed loved one(s) wish to share.


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