Create… A New Spiritual Paradigm


Some time ago the word choice of a new paradigm was coming up often yet, then faded.

Well… it’s back.



And the message received was an interesting perspective so I just share.  The word pure is used and I tend to remind that this word might not mean what a mind will think.  It’s not about perfection as we already are.  It may though be about a process and one will know/understand what is means to them.  I also find with messages such as this, reading a bit slower (to allow your own words to slip in) and being loose as it’s light encoded/worded in a certain way to assist in awakening your truth.

For some time/in the past… once one goes pure, they go ghost… invisible or what seems like silent.  This can be both to the 3D and even to those who are spiritual.  Satisfied with their process, gifts and all that is.  Many gave/shared their gift/piece (small or large)… and are at peace.  This could also be looked at as ascended or living on New Earth.  They wait, yet not, for others/the masses to catch up or should we say, join us. 

Up until now smaller amounts of pure… and scattered everyone.  Now though many will be reaching this level-place.  And what has been the ways (to be, live and share their work/service if and as they do not wish to go ghost) is actually now… old or may even seem tainted.  One is not to be confused or get frustrated as it is for a reason.  Blessed are those to see this.

This is where a new paradigm comes in.  It can feel like a line in the sand… that worked for those who went before and now… something else needs to be created.  So who does what … is a part of “this”… and how…?  Well, don’t ask “how” as that is too overwhelming.  It’s just like before, step by step, moment by moment, action by action… and before you know it… it is.  It is a union and web.  All inclusive.  All working together, supportive and loving.  It is creation.


Ebbing and flowing… and expanding.  All you have to do is say, yes.  No more trying or looking in the traditional ways because it can’t be found there – let go.  And welcome the creator.  (Smile)  And so it begins…


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