One’s trash, Another’s treasure

It’s rare that I pull a post.  I just write from my heart and let go.  Yet words are powerful and a gift… and can also be easily misunderstood.  Plus, at times overthinking (on second thought) is part of the process so… I welcome it and paused to rethink on the original title word choice, Just taking out the trash.  We are recycling and letting go.  Yet… what’s one’s trash/junk/baggage is another’s treasure!  (And now on to what I wrote as it may assist another.)

This, too, can be done with ease, grace and knowing.  No biggie as we got this.  While there are a variety of delightful energies running, some are clearing their energy and grid.  So this may be felt in releasing thoughts, emotions, a mourning feeling, real experiences that may trigger a release or moment of realization. 

An evening meditation may help to clear, adjust and wind down.  It may though resurface, so just keep working it.

This can also be felt in a physical way… feeling as if our pores are releasing, skin shedding, etc.  A steam bath/shower may help.   Or, a craving for greens or ready to make a lifestyle change.  Really this is all about change… and for the good.

And while one may be at peace/bliss – yippee – one may observe some rubbish in an area or unexpectedly tossed at them.  This is not personal so no need to react.  We remind others of their inner light.  We show an example, often leave the trail better than we find it and just, love.

At night signs have been fog (go slow/unknown), owls (wisely let go of what needs to depart) and raccoons – lol, they love trash.  Today, oh beautiful weather here.

We have a full moon and another potential wave incoming this weekend – which seems to be about the norm now.  So if you are feeling this releasing energy, know that it pretty quickly can/will change.  Incoming:  new opportunities, choices and freedom.  Stay open and willing to be moved.

In a silly mood, so I’ll share…  (sing it out)

We love (or try to embrace) it all… do what we need to and then enjoy the other side.  We are taking out what has served us… exchanging it for what we will now need.  So thank YOU for clearing/your service as this helps us all.   ❤

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