Reflecting… and Light sleep


There’s been a new level of comfort these past few weeks/months… because there are times you’re significantly moved out of your comfort zone.  And so, I chuckled the other day knowing that change was coming.  I started this blog because I knew stuff.  Oh am I laughing! 

It was only a few months later and then knew I didn’t know jack.  So much to remember and discover on this journey.  So for quite some time a mix of sharing inspiration/reminders, what I receive, the ups and downs, the alchemy moments and definitely those I don’t know (…yet) but this is what I am experiencing… or find as I do a bit of homework.

Since so much of these past few years was unknown/new/at times feeling what/whoo to me/my mind… (it’s one thing to read about the possibilities but when it happens to you – and always a bit different – it can cause fear/apprehension).  So to get to a place of embrace, no matter what, is sublime.  And now it’s more like joy and wonder.  Many of us have had several years of in the trenches of deep and personal work and the physical body process is no joke either.  And ha, 2017 has been about this.  And… I write this to say, it’s worth it!

So this latest energy is a mix.  Moments of easy, breezy!  And moments of needing to rest or… feeling like you just can’t rest.  MUCH is going on in our amazing body and beyond.  So one of the more recent themes has been on less sleep (or could also be labeled as insomnia).  While I’ve gotten some guidance and done some homework on this topic (a year ago), now a new layer.

I’ll admit I’ve been conditioned that I/we need sleep.  Spirit has often reminded me, not always/it’s a human thing.  Sleep is a good thing as our body loosens up, repairs itself and in dreamtime much can be done.  Yet I am now wondering… times of very light/less sleep – like our body is being… (repaired) in another/a new way.

The change in sleep pattern/less sleep can tie into DMT being released/third eye-pineal gland opening and our Guardian role, too.  While we might not know… our body is feeling it.  And oh, full moon!

I had a time of discovering lucid dreaming.  So real and many of them came into my reality within hours or weeks.  Each one though within 20 minutes of going to rest.  NOT the 90 minute cycle.  Hmm…  So for now I’ll reference these two articles and see if I can get back to homework mode later as all of this ties together: and

Thanks for reading, blessings and love and will write more later 😉



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