to be wrong… is ALright


Just sharing a thought/pondering/perspective as this has come up in multiple ways.  Years ago I asked to be a bit more psychic.  I’d had those moments of knowing the unknown.  Yes please, just a bit more.  Well… Haha!  Spirit had other plans.  So isn’t it interesting to then find oneself on a path were at times much is unknown and one has to embrace this.  To move into this… and then discover/experience/know.  Oh there are so many ways to be and use our gifts here. 

So while the word psychic may have started one on their path, it might not resonate for long.  And, there are plenty of other possible words/roles one will grown in and out of.

I think of a scene I saw in, The Good Doctor.  The autistic doctor, Dr. Shaun Murphy, often scans and sees.  He has a gift.  Yet is he always right…?  Well, in an episode I watched, no.  And this resonated with me.  I’ve had the discussion with others on the topic of intuition, knowing… and others boasting/pushing that they/their gut/Guidance is always right; as if to suggest what’s wrong if this hasn’t also been the case for another.  Well… ego needs to be right.  Spirit just is.

I can’t say that guidance has always been/felt right, here and now.  I’ve learned there are reasons (that we don’t always understand yet may later) and so many possibilities.  And at times, actions here do support/affect a much larger multidimensional experience.  So to think there is only an answer or right way, ha!

So… no worries.  And no doubt as really no one is keeping score.  We move along and in time may better understand.  We and ALL are, alright… and ALL LIGHT  😉  Keep shinning!


(pic found online… ❤ )

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