So I just wanted to check-in energy wise.  This current pulse may not have been what one thought, yet is serving many purposes.  It does seem to be (for me) one of those more subtle and quiet ones yet… not.  I can feel it physically – whoa… and am working through it in my reality as situations/a different theme surfaces. 

Like double duty and it’s an honor.  So while I feel I could write on the past few days in a variety of ways, I’ll just share a random sampling/mix.

I’ve meditated/grounded several times and it just feels big/more and often no additional guidance.  Our bodies will be coming online in a new way and soon to notice.  For example, itchy soles may indicate a new place to place yourself in/at – crystals are calling.  And itchy palms, new people to meet.  It can include any chakra/body part – voice, third eye, heart, mind, etc.  The other evening I could feel my body go through a photon belt and boy was my heart rapidly beating.

One may feel as if they’ve been what I call, under the Universes thumb… and for a reason.  The issue may become clear yet then one will need time to process it.  (Interesting as fog has been present here for days now.)

I can encourage to, follow this wave through.  Often this requires looking at it (whatever has surfaced) in a different or deeper or… much higher perspective.  And then when you think you understand… don’t be surprised if a new twist gets added.  One can work the issue both backwards and forwards and this may provided additional a-ha’s and clues.  One will though know when to let go as the Universe does wish to assist us.

This issue/theme may be something that now calls you to take action (or even awaken/fight) in a new way.  While we are warriors of light… there’s always a higher way.  Don’t take anything personal – trust that each is playing their role.  We do wish to experience/alchemize/jump ahead.  There are many options/paths available.  Keep zooming in and out.  Discern and trust the process.  Find your balance and knowing.  Your ease, grace and gift/way.  And look around and see how this is also enabling many other moments and gifts to surface.

At times embracing truth/light/new/change is… hard.  Not all can do this… and then they rotate on in their own fantasy/illusion/reality.  Not all are open/curious/willing to embrace what they don’t understand.  It can be easier to ignore/dismiss/label/cast away.  All we can do is try – invite others to dance.  So if a challenging situation has surfaced, hopefully one can also see the good that has come from it.

11/11 is about balance, giving and receiving… and being at peace.  We are keeping this gate  w-i-d-e  open.  Some will need sleep, some unable to, some are literally weeping (clearing).  It’s all good and this, too, will all change.

And… oh, reminders on binary code.  This came up weeks ago and now, too.  Oh the subject is worthy of it’s own post… and enough to make a head spin, lol.  Simply, it’s like a heart beat and light language.  Not just numbers yet this does seem to take numerology to a new level.  To trust it and see what it spells out.  Also like using a pendulum for answers.  And swapping out a number can change your path… ties into our body vib and code.  Like a Morse code from and to the Universe.  Oh so many ways to remember and play so look into and practice.  In joy and enjoy. 

Okay, enough for now.  Much ❤ !


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  1. I was thinking about binary code a while back, and it reminded me of how we live in duality. The one and zero being off and on for a computer, much like the resistance and flow we experience here in the physical world. I’ll be interested to read more of what you have to say about it, perhaps in a future post.

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