Welcome 11/11 and I smile.  I often do a recap of the past few days (stepping back can assist us in jumping ahead) yet in this moment it doesn’t seem to serve.  I will though say for many it hasn’t been easy.  Disoriented, feeling as if being  stretched  to one’s limit… as well as a list of other possibilities.  The energy has shifted yet one may or may not feel this yet.  We are full steam ahead… yet slowly.  Our body, reality and more has been under an intense process these past few days.  And now we allow it all to catch up. 

So one may need a moment/day… or several just to regroup.  No rush or push.

Gifts are incoming and they feel like magic.  Let them materialize.  And as I was trying to feel the energy last night, there is an element of the unknown.  Well, always.  There will be some pieces that surface and shift into place.  For some this will happen quickly and others a more gradual unfolding.

As of late last night we’re under a geostorm so some will be releasing… some floating… and some in a very neutral place.  If it feels like peace and ease, awesome!  If it feels flat or stagnant, shift it.  This can be done simply:  laughing, calling/messaging a friend, put on some music, etc.

So less is more today, keeping it simple!  More later and much LOVE!

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