In gratitude…

Oh for so much.  And I hope you, too.  So just a few quick thoughts to share.  While this is  (or may soon be) a busy time, be sure to check-in with self.  And be kind to self (… and of course to others) as some of these upgrades are quite physical.  After meditating this morning…

I couldn’t stop smiling.  Some meditations are just extra special… and others are more just to clear the channel/ground/reset or journey as we are seekers of truth.  Really the truth is simple.  We are loved, supported, capable and so needed right here and now.

Mirrors, Synchronicities and Magic are happening.  All worthy of a capital letter.  And if you’ve been invited to a “party”… well, I hope it’s a love and light one.  Enjoy the exchange and dance.  If it feels heavy, alchemize/lighten it up or… pass.  And speaking of party… music please.  Let’s make this joyful.

Now is about the unexpected… and possibly, delay.  Smile and see how this is to your advantage.  Interesting times indeed!

While it’s rare, I am actually delighted to take a blogging break.  At times it’s needed and good for the soul.  We’re in a good place… yes (no doubt)… and let’s resume in December.  We continue on though in so many ways.  Open heart and mind.  ❤ to ❤ as we’re all connected and Godspeed! 


(and, you know me – let’s see if I can behave and say offline… yet so online/aligned.)

Be the magic that is so needed here and now.



Light encoded with unconditional love and unlimited possibilities 😉


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