A dose of… Reality


Whoo, we interrupt this blogging break as we have big shifts happening.  So if one is needing more sleep, feeling as if they can’t ground in a reality… well, perfect!  I started writing this yesterday, realizing I do so clearly at times understand my role here and now.  After not blogging for two weeks and lot of new experiences and then from meditation and reviewing my notes, I smiled.  While I often write on the joy and bliss of this journey… I am also just as willing write about the work we do.  So I am back and that feels good.  Oh what would I do without writing.  Well… 😊

Because for all I know, another week or two blogging pause may be needed.  For now though, the next post I’m also working on will be to assist whoever may find the words (as it may not be for all/each is right where they need to be).

At times we have to sit in the fire to rise again.  I’ve been reminded that many are hesitant to do this yet by now it’s a way we know that works.  No fear.  We do survive.  We actually come out victorious/glowing.  Yet trust me that as one does this work, moments of messy… disorganized, yet perfect.  And others may give space because it’s often unknown territory and can feel and look raw, vulnerable… even scary.  We’re in a period of putting self back together.  And yes, we’ve done this before so you’d think we’d be masters at this.  Well… we are.  So, as I continue to craft the next post, I thank you for reading, supporting, loving and being open.  As we change, everything changes.  We are in (or moving to) New Earth  yet it might not be what you expected… at least in moments.


So for now an energy update:  For many this is a quiet/clean slate time.  This may be a delight… or, feel a bit awkward.  Sacred moments and passages to unfold.  For others, they may be in the midst of or finishing up with tough life lessons or upgrades – as if a rug was pulled out from under one’s feet.  There’s also invitations to low level thinking- not goin to do it.  Lol… we gotta keep laughing and hold all of this in perspective.  And many are being awoken/activated/initiated/moved… to included our youth/teens/young adults.

We’re getting ready to go into a full moon (truth illuminated), possible geostorms from solar wind or sun spots (often brings the unexpected), a mercury retrograde (a time to pause and reflect) and a 12/12 gate/passageway.  It’s also a busy/holiday time (here in the US) – many energy triggers/exchanges.  Being calm and consistent may feel like a challenge in moments – just find your center, breath and smile.  We’re all adjusting and there’s much peace, beauty, joy and love/support that holds all of this together.

I’ll also add there are waves of/reminders/moments of a very head to toe euphoria/body bliss – that something big/profound is going on.  If you haven’t felt, explore/allow in meditation/a quieter moment.  Music may also greatly assist.

Keep the faith, stay the course and enjoy.  ❤

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