Welcome Back!


Oh let’s catch up!  How are you loves and lights??  I felt I’d need to take a pause on blogging – honestly a rare feeling for me.  I could see that life was getting ready to be different and that was indeed the reality… that needed to be honored. 

There are so many ways/steps in this journey and with this one, I found myself often saying, gheeza challenge.  Yet, we got this.  I went into this optimistic/open to even more joy and bliss yet…

So often I reminded self, all of this has had periods of work/growth/what seems a bit to intense.  Either physically, emotionally, mentally… and this one for me was about reality.  Oh welcome back, even more, to whatever reality you need to be in.  And, it’s not always easy.  We’re placed in certain dynamics for many reason.  How else are we going to see/feel/experience what now needs our attention… love and gift/mastery.  At one point I was thinking this is one of the hardest steps, when a reality hits the fan.  Like it would be easier to just be removed/flying high in another dimension… or walking in the New Earth that we meticulously worked to create – like what happened to it… and what is this?

Just when you think you’ve healed/cleared/changed and all is well, ha, new truth/dynamics surface.  And often it comes in three’s.  Are ya a good juggler…?  Because it seems we’re doing quantum juggling.

I reflected on how I was truly removed/protected/unseen years ago.  While in some ways it was a choice, the Universe also seemed to make it clear/certain.  So spending time in other realities/healing/remembering gifts/practicing/simplicity/manageable yet now… ha… not as much as we go back and forth and bring up to speed, here and now, what we can.

So one of the now themes may be, how do external forces/events/realities factor into your life?  Moments of meditation, discernment… and patience will assist as knowing/answers may not come overnight.  One may need to keep it simple as adding more only increases a chaos factor… yet, like attracts like – see if there’s a sync/pattern.

One may now also see that relationships/soul contracts have significantly changed as you’ve changed.  And, we can’t protect (or fix/save) another from their life lessons.  Another may or may not be ready as seeing/healing/jumping takes honesty and bravery.  Like, a lot.

We really do create our own reality/nest/bed.  We pick the “sheets”/veils, the pillows, the comforter… a firm or soft mattress or even, the floor.  And we choose whether or not to make the bed… and cookie crumbs are optional, lol.

So… some moments may seem so dense/intense/oh my!  Yet moments/reminders of all the work we’ve done to get to authentic.  And then… seeing when others are confused/unable to see (yet doing the best they can – some are still in the pass the blame/pain mode).

And it can be a bit shocking/confusing when the higher plan (from your perspective) is so clear… yet not ready to unfold in a reality.  Like we know it should just take this and voilà … yet another needs to spend 11x longer doing another (what may seem crazy) way.  At times, we need to first see the lies to get to one’s truth – ah, the process.  We continue though to hold space and/or move forward.  And, it can be simple.  Can one just be… unconditional love?  Oh yes.  I’ve found that these simple statements are needed now:  I am sorry.   I love you.   Thank you.

So a question may be, how much (drama) will one allow back into their reality?  At times one will react, react, react… until they know.  In peace, ease and grace/mastery the next will open and unfold… naturally.  Until then, the reality might not change much as it’s serving (unresolved energy/issues/ties).  We continue to realize and clear/make it simple.

Just think back to who you were/what you were doing this time last year.  For some that alone will be a big wow… and for others, seeing certain patterns/issues/a-ha’s remain.

So for many, they’ll do this work now and roll into 2018 well prepared… a two year… and also an 11. 😊  For others it may come around in January.  Keep in perspective that usually these phases last several weeks and then we move along again – better, different and more enlightened.  Really this work is as good as it gets here and now.  And while the work in reality is a theme, another may be experiencing this latest pulse/energy physically or more connected to the higher planes, etc. – all perfect and divine.

And, after intense periods such as these… (whether it be a work-out, mental work, emotional or just a time of busy/fast/stress), a recovery period is needed.  I experienced the energy weeks ago as unstable/fragile and then certain issues may have become quite consuming/needing time and attention.  Yet, we don’t need to stay in that energy – breathe and regroup.  See what triggered and then changed you.  Process, allow and one will naturally shift again and again until the truth is clear/known.   If one is feeling the need to overcompensate… like that alone is – a-ha!!

This past month there’s also been teaser energy – oh the possibilities and excitement.  As if something is just about to work out yet then… poof… gone.  I can’t help to think these will revisit/materialize in early 2018 – what is truly meant to be.

As always be open for your signs.  The past few weeks have had many examples as I was headed in a direction yet then was gently guided in another.  The Universe (as well as our self/soul) in mild and bold ways offers auto-correct.  And here, it’s fall and I often found myself reminded by trees that were releasing leaves.  Surrender and letting go do work.  Remind self you are… free.  Amen… and in love and light.



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