North Star

Oh welcome December!  Full Moon and much is happening so this will be short and sweet.  The gates seem to be wide open.  Dreams, experiences, signs, synchronicities, a-ha’s, feeling the presence/connection/energy (even if just in moments).  One may be needing more sleep or wise… haha, wide awake.  It was as if a pulse was sent out this morning, like…

wake -up lightworkers and get to work.  This excitement.  Yet… if anything is blocking one from feeling this, thoughts, emotions (or even body upgrades) may first surface.  Note if needed and let goo.

There have been many lessons, experiences and moments.  Personal development – big time.  Themes of compromise yet not allowing… abuse (for lack of a better word).  And if you’ve recently taken a paused and re-entered a situation, how… now… are you different?  Often we just continue on and flow yet for some as we jump, we’ll see/feel as if much is different.  It’s just not as it was before… and blessed are that we now to see this and… for the experience that served us well.  This is a time of reviewing/reflecting.  Soul contracts are changing/ending and this is for the good yet, it’s also okay to greave.  Crying is honoring, releasing, cleansing and… you do walk a bit closer to the earth… humbler… even more appreciating – nothing wrong with that.

Change can be challenging yet trust the process and know/believe in self and the future.  And while much of this work is individual and personal, it’s also about teamwork.  If one in your “group” isn’t ready, well, there may be a delay.  Trust this is for the good of all.

I was thinking on the symbolism of Christmas… birth, trials/tribulations, miracles, gifts and journeying.  One though may not feel as much connection to holidays as they once have… or possibly in a new way.  Really everyday is New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, a birthday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.  And often the small moments are the BIG one’s.

And, oh, of the North Star.  A symbol of stability, direction, leadership and guardianship.  Oh we are.  As above, so below.   Shine on!

This has been an enlightening time… and more is to come to light.  2017 seems to be about this.  Oh the mysteries, reveals and understanding of the unknown.

More later, in peace, love and light.  ❤


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