The energy, body and process

Oh how to summarize now.  Hmm… well… a big part of now is the energy.  Over the years I’ve tried to explain it in ways.  Bliss, a spiritual high, floating…  While one might read these words and think they know or have had these moments… (for many) there’s a whole other heightened feeling/state of being.  More (and many who read along) have felt for years now and, even more to.  While there are many possible ways to describe, one could say that work/whatever gets done with ease, you’re even happier and unaffected by the stuff that might normal trip you up.  No worries/blocks/time and you just enjoy and do as the higher energy does seem to hold/be you.  It does feel special and unique.  So this energy has been for several days now in a row.

Yet… weren’t we just working on some real/tough stuff…?  Yup!  And we needed to.  We are reconstructing our now/new reality.

Years ago I never felt any of this energy.  Sure, good/great 3D days, happiness, excitement and often enough a connection to God/Mother Nature, yet not this body meets cosmic wow/dance/union.  Now in saying this, really it’s not that one is better than the other as they’re very different yet both divine/perfect.

So then in spells, like up to a few hours here and there.  Then, Spirit would seem to warn me with signs a day or so before to go slow or use caution and sure enough, two-three days.  Particularly at first, I’d need to keep it simple.  One is not in their mind.  Sure, usually you can do what you wish/need to yet, a lot is going on in one’s mind/body/energy.  So focus/remembering/serious nature may not be strong suites.  One could say:  rewiring/shifting/jumping/upgrading/leveling up/a cosmic merge/ascending.  One may also be able to see/feel the multi/unseen more or in new ways.  Often one just needs to… be/feel.

The energy can feel exciting or intense as it progresses so one may understand, wire-tired.  Meditation/rest/grounding techniques may assist.  The energy can also be so high, one will just needs to, sleep!  And the energy may also dip a bit as the body adjusts (possibly feeling fluish) and then bam, back again.

Last December I remember the high energy for what seemed like weeks.  It was the longest spell I’d experienced and I was starting to wonder… like whoa, we really are transitioning into New Earth in bliss and now.  Sunshine, rainbows, joy… we made it, no more worries.

And then…


The new year started and… so not how I thought.  A new round of personal and collective work.  At times descensions I didn’t expect.  Like, what… is… this??  Honestly though, 2017 has been an incredible light year, both personally and collectively.

So much may be stirring/pulsing/coming online yet one might not (mentally) understand/know.  Do your best, rest, note/journal, enjoy.  Breathe… and love… smile.  For many now is about the energy, body and process.

I’ve also noted a few (new) topics and hope to write on them soon.  Plus those posts one starts yet then seem to fall into the drafts folder possibly for another time.  Time, as well as this energy, does seem accelerated.  Stay present… (which may include some floating/euphoria) and enjoy the now.  We are being well prepared.  ❤

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