Adolescence and the Spiritual Journey

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A year and a half ago I posted on the 2020 Souls and have actually been thinking on reblogging it as I’ve recently been reminded both personally and collectively numerous times of our youth and teens as spiritual beings.  Much of those words/messages I received then do seem to apply to amazing souls who are here now.  While much of our youth is thriving/feeling supported/loved and in their knowing and perfection… some are struggling quite a bit.  It’s as if this now energy has indeed affected and awoken many. 

So these are just my thoughts yet they come pouring from my heart.

I’d bet if one was to take a poll, many spiritual teachers/healers/dialed in would say that they noticed an increase or some bizarre in their teen years.  While we’re born knowing, many loose touch with their gifts, become conditioned and/or have other experiences here first.  At times though reminders, moments and possibly even the not so subtle, all out, awakening happens.  With all of the growth, hormones and changes going on during adolescence, as if that isn’t enough, it does also make a perfect time.

I reflected back on my teens years and had both divine and bizarre moments yet, who could I tell/talk to…?  Then so much was kept in the closet and there was no internet/social media.  Now, almost thirty years later, it’s much different.  Yet different for teens who are spiritual awakening?  A very natural process and birthright.  Well, hmm…  Possibly as we have some amazing supportive, dialed in and living this way parents, as well as several shows on TV, hints in movies/books and a plethora on the internet.  And teens just aren’t dismissing/stuffing down much.  There’s no need to (carry density) as there are many outlets:  social media, creative expression, sports, friends, etc..

So often it’s in the simple.  A vivid dream, a quick vision or a moment in nature where a teen remembers they’re connected to much more.  Yet relaying this to peers or parents may not be the norm discussion.  What you water, grows.

For others, an awakening can present in more challenging ways.  Often being mislabeled/diagnosed/treated as a list of possible medical and/or mental health diagnosis’s.  Often the signs of a spiritual awakening can present like:

  • Behavior problems
  • Personality changes
  • Depression, Bi-polar
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts or a dark night
  • ADD/ADHD – not being able to focus/stay on task yet one can when it’s their passion/joy.  Having no filter.  Having extra energy that needs to be expressed.  The ADD diagnosis has been around for a century and paving a new path.  Often these souls live in the moment, loose time and items.  They can have rapid fire and clear knowing (or impulses)… on the things that matter.  A lot is going on in their brain (don’t always think linear or future) and can often miss social cues and feel misunderstood.  A teen may keep all of this to themselves/not understand it/not know how to put into words.
  • Schizophrenia – hearing voices yet often low level or past life related/carryover, seeing visions or feel as if they’re being watched… sounds like clairaudio and voyance to me; a gift.  It may though take time to shift the energy, perception, poles, to hear/feel the right guides and ground them in their body and reality.  Often the soul gets triggered and escapes to another reality.  Safety and trust can be big factors.  Another reality (even harsh/bizarre ones) may be more comforting that saying in the present which can often feel like the unknown.  And… schizophrenia may be what their soul wishes to experience.
  • And while Multiple personality/DID is more of an adult diagnosis, it can happen in children… or is it just multiple soul aspects that need to be identified, loved, healed and released or merged  (more written here if interested).

Often these are real medical and mental health issues and may only be able to be addressed/treated in that way.  It’s just that there are other ways, too.  If one is reminded/open to exploring the possibility.  See what resonates and then one can try/guide a more spiritual and holistic approach, too.  And with the power of the internet, oh what one can find.  Yet is one just watching/reading medical/mental health (which yes, can be helpful but also slapping a label on; thoughts often pave our reality) or spiritual one’s.  Meditation, resting, having time to ponder/listen to your heart and being open to dreams may also assist.  The truth always surfaces, at times sticks and then often changes.  The good news is, after having decades of people who endured, often silently and whether you consider these changes/issues/moments medical, mental or spiritual, now there is much love and support.

Many who have spiritual moments in their teen years (either understood or not) often go back to sleep… and possibly for a long time.  I do see this changing though.  There is a large/active/vocal/no fear 20 something group emerging.  Wow, the joy/light they’re already sharing and forerunning they will do.

And a wise friend/mother figure also helped me understand these spiritual shifts/waves from a larger perspective.  I am, as well as many before me, of a time when we had time to ponder, soul search, research, awaken, upgrade, etc.  That will not be the case as much in the future as everything now is instant, fast, multiple.  So in some ways we’re the last of an era… and these very special kids will be the leaders, our future and able to keep up.  They do it everyday here and now.  They’re also here to teach the current teachers (both in our traditional school system and spiritual teachers) a few things.  We have to learn new ways.

So parents/”parents”… love works.  There are also many books/online sights/youtubes/teachers who discuss and work with (awakening) youth/teens.  And don’t forget the best resource is self/let Spirit help.  Let’s not miss being a part of this very special time, union and place.

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