Our Amazing Body

So I share as I’d never imagine… and this is written from a certain perspective and moment.  Years ago I noticed my body was starting to feel some unusual things.  I’d just left a medical career so at times it was easy to wonder if it was indeed a medical issue/illness/disease… dis ease… as I also had a spiritual knowing as well.  Yet, I’ll also say that much of this process has been a stretch and journey of faith.  So at times periods of intense physical… well… while there are many lists of symptoms of ascending/upgrading/dna changes… until you feel/live them…

So over five years ago it started.  In perspective, slow/mild (yet not always in that moment) and with longer intervals in between.  Yet then it seemed to become a state of being.  Often needing to go slow… simple… as if most actions required a deeper breath.  Oh this will make one present.  And it wouldn’t take much and rest was needed.  At one point, just doing a load of laundry, meditating and writing a bit and then getting a dinner on the table was a successful day.  A bit humbling if one is use to doing 111 things a day.  I had almost two years where many tasks I used to do in minutes/hours (like yard work or other projects) … well, I had to do them over days.  And to go to numerous public places in a day (which was the old norm), well, that would indeed wipe me out.  It was though… what it was.  I was grateful to be alive.

At times I’d ask Spirit, do I have _____ (this or that) as I could feel the symptoms and that would make sense to my mind (and google would easily confirm).  The answers back though (from Spirit or a deeper knowing) were clear.  I didn’t have a “medical” condition yet my body was feeling/healing/awakening much.  Oh would anyone understand… this?  Some do and I’ve chosen to also share over the years as much as I can.

A week ago, late in the afternoon… I was overcome by realizing what has taken place over the past several years.  (No wonder Spirit didn’t tell me as I’d have said, no thanks, lol.)  At times it does feel like it’s sucking the life out of you.  Ah — your old life.

So I had a day like I hadn’t have in enough years.  I was able to go and do and it was all with great ease… and no rest was needed.  While I’ve had some of these days over the years, this now felt real, permanent and who I am… as well who I was before this process, I’d never imagine, started to happen.  A slow and gradual process so that only in some ways could I acknowledged the descent, the hold  (yet interesting as I first typed, gold)  and accent back, almost in increments.  For the most part I was able to do what I needed to do yet… different/made much simpler.  So now, to realize the entirety of it.

Many have written that spirituality/enlightenment/a lightbody process can restore youth, bring vibrancy, etc.  Yet I hadn’t read that at times/first, for some, it feels like it ages you in the process.  Like what is happening to my body…?

So to now feel anew… alive… back in a body of amazing grace and ability.  Ahhh… bliss!

The latest with the body changes seem different than the original lists or articles I read years ago.  Yet, maybe they’re similar enough.  I’ve found the body will tell/show/guide you.  Yet, will one listen and trust the process?    Sleep/rest seem to be key.  And diet/diet changes/allowing self to eat what it needs… and keeping hydrated/fluid.  Oh… and meditation.  Just allowing that state.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt the Universe work on me.  One doesn’t have to prove/understand it.  Sometimes you will be guided… or just know… and others, not so much.

As we change, our reality changes.  As our body chemistry changes, our aura, our mind/thoughts, and as we lighten up… new gifts come online.  And anything that is not in alignment (or blocking) has to go.  How we do it will be a bit different for each.

I was reminded… this journey is like a hero’s journey…


While many will just keep ascending, often it’s done in a circle.  Coming right back around to where you started yet, you’re different.

Thanks for reading.  In love and light.



(Images found online, 1st by Olesea Arts and second one:  https://favim.com/image/4111965/)

5 comments on “Our Amazing Body

    • Wow – amazing and congratulations! Thank you for sharing. Great to connect.
      A decade ago I lost 90 pounds and for years it was a struggle (a lot of discipline) to maintain. These past few yrs I’m able to eat what I want and not gain weight which is divine. ❤

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