Full Circle


Ahhh!  After weeks of some intense reality work and then slam, days of feeling more intensity yet of high energy/body work/cosmic vibe… a moment.  A breathe.  A smile.  And clarity.  Some of this journey I literally stumble through.  Sure moments of ease, grace, certainty, knowing (and sharing), too.  So weeks ago I was a bit… well, not confused as I know by now to roll with what presents.  Yet in moments I was even like, is this what a spiritual journey will bring, do to or for you…?

With much written on ascending, 5D/New Earth, manifesting, etc. yet one isn’t always forewarned that while the journey may pay off or land you in your dream perfect new reality… it may also land you where you’re needed and/or left off.  So for me, this would be almost 6 years ago.  Then, all of a sudden everything seemed to go wrong.  I was spiritual then (but oh boy not like now) so I just couldn’t believe I was attracting any of it.  I was at a set-point in my life/plan and it was time to awaken.  Yet trust that I didn’t remember this.

So I went from the height of chaos to simple within a few months.  Rest was needed.  A project I’d longed to complete (for like 20 years), got done.  I had ample quality family time; a priceless gift.  I briefly chased a dream to realize it wasn’t the right one.  And time for a few new hobbies:  meditation, photography, cooking, etc.  And as all of this was happening, the path did become clear.  Then amazing yet at times, bizarre.  I trusted.  And years later the amount of work/process/practice… holy cow!

This latest step was different from the others of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual work/joy.  And in that, I was blinded a bit.  Yet understanding does come.  I can’t say that I was forewarned as I just needed to experience it.  Work through it… and then share.  In moments I felt I was using all the skills I’d learned and in others, none of them.  I wondered why would I be again in the middle of some challenging dynamics?  I’d had years of protection, simple, love, peace… bliss!  Sharing light and knowing… so what was this about?  Well, lightworkers/wayshowers/forerunners aren’t exempt from life.  And if it was all simple, then our gifts probably wouldn’t be needed like they are here and now.

A spiritual journey will change you dramatically and remove so many old stories and realities… yet one may be surprised to see that a few just didn’t get worked through.  As if in cue and waiting for your return.  Or it may be that from all the work that was done, of course there’d be a random/surprise lesson or two (or three) to embrace.  I actually feel blessed.  Amazing that was all, as I had many issues/lessons/experiences.  And, it may not be over yet I do feel different.  Like I could have chose to get mad/sad/be a victim/avoid/or stay stuck in those dynamics.  Nope, I grabbed the bull by the horns.  No fear, let’s play.  If we’re still here, there’s a solution/way.

And this is a new way of being.  Purity remains as we work through any issues as it arises.  We no longer carry karma/negativity/harsh feelings/pain.  We just love and shine our light.  We pull in when we need to, too.

So after days of floating and getting much done with ease I asked, what is this energy?  I heard, assimilating.  Yup!  Our next, whatever that may be.  It will become clear soon.  It’s now our energy.  I pause to wonder as it has been powerful.  Smiling…

8 comments on “Full Circle

  1. Awesome! Full circle is an apt name for this post! Even though painful at times, I think we do need to do the last bits of healing. It’s like everything that stands between where you are now on all levels and what you know is possible has to come up for healing. Everything you do toward healing also heals the collective.

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    • Oh Mary! ((HUG)) Interesting as that is the word. I wrote yet didn’t use that word and then my HEAL (body part) has reminded me a few times. At first I didn’t look at some of this as healing but it is… and it’s amazing. SOOO good to hear from you and thank you!! ❤

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      • I find that our life journey/school sort of goes in a spiral. Something old comes up, and it seems like, ‘ oh this again?! I thought I worked through all this.’ But really, you are a step higher on the spiral, and each time we come around, it is better and easier, and finally a non-issue. Do you find that to be true for you?

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        • YES – spiral and layers! Easier… not always, lol, but yes as it’s happening quicker, we just don’t stay stuck and that is amazing. Once the lesson is finally known, no doubt and forever changed. Mary – thank you!! ❤


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