a mix yet where we’re headed


Oh the energy feels/felt like a mix.  Peace… then… down/heavy… then high/easy/floating/upbeat.  I hold all of this in perspective.  For some, these past few weeks have been a doozy.  So to find our center/ground again as all these changes/upgrades happen. 

Yes, we honor each moment as it happens.  Each serves a purpose… and clues.  And at the same time we hold on loosely as much is shifting.  We can’t (or can) get lost in what was.  We look to the future and smile.  Ready to glow a bit more?  Now may be a good time to make sure the channel is clear and one is… open.  Meditation time just to be/honor.

Some issues will just work themselves out on their own.  No additional effort/time/energy is needed.  Just… let go.  Find peace.  What is your knowing… now?  Your wishes, desires…?  Oh ya the Universe knows yet, do you?  What bring you joy and love… as that’s what needs to be… shared.  Your superpower and gift.  Let’s make now about the now and magical.  ❤

8 comments on “a mix yet where we’re headed

  1. ‘And at the same time we hold on loosely as much is shifting”, I do love this terminology, and it is such great advise, and SO SO TRUE, SHIFTING, SHIFTING, SHIFTING!!
    Thank you beaYOUtiful friend for helping us ALL to keep things in perspective!!
    Onwards and Upwards ⬆️💟 and HOLDING ON LOOSELY! Thinking of a song…..Just hold on loosely But don’t let go, If you cling to tightly, You’re gonna lose control…hmmm! 😊💫💖

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  2. Hi Molly,
    This weekend was very much a mix for me just as you describe. I moved inward as I feel something is being birthed and I am being given signs of my heart desires. Words no longer seem enough to describe what is happening, so I let go and allow all to unfold.

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