Head spinning yet…?

Oh loves and lights!  How we doing??  We got a top down energy pulse/upgrade happening as well as many other options, too.  The crown to toe energy may need you to just, chill.  I happened to be out and about when I felt and went to the car to rest for 10 minutes.  I often take several deeper breaths to aid in circulating and pulling it in/down.  Otherwise it can feel like…


And can make your reality spin.  I’ve found that if I don’t take a moment, it just accelerates.  To honor, then quickly back to living/loving.

And as it settles, it may take time.  Bless any perceived lower/negative/not what you thought situations/emotions/physical adjustments.  Just a release, reminder and shift in the right direction.

And seems fitting as the day before was calm and such peace.  As I went to upload photo’s online though, it was consistently stuck in the uploading mode – oh how I love signs!  This is the letting go and offering up what we’ve done and what we may need a bit of assistance with here and now.  And it is incoming!

Lucid dreams are also back.  With this round, again, each so real/descriptive and so I noted to see.  As if each was a snippet/scene from another reality.  When I looked at it from a vibration, it was then clear to see the reminder/message.  Now, answers may or may not be clear at this point yet they will be… in time.

Often themes do repeat or surface again in a new way.  Often addressing emotions, our soul’s relationships with self and others and certain experiences again and again.  We do seem to be on to our next lessons/realities/choices.  See how you’re now different.  Remind self.  And if in doubt, one may ask, what is the highest plan for self/all involved?  This, too, often unfolds verses an immediate knowing/answer.  The immediate answer may be to trust/be patient and love.  Simple… right…?  lol.  For some though it is a time to be brave/bold/jump.

So another sign.  I road I’ve often traveled had all these new marks in it.  Had the road crew been out filling in the weak spots/cracks…?  Well… I guess I needed confirmation as a few miles later I ended up behind the crew doing just this.  And, this is us.  We have been/are fortifying the road/path.  It is well traveled.  Maintain/maintenance/keep up the good work.

We are indeed going into a sacred time of union, new possibilities and miracles.  This is actually always and any moment yet this time of year can be extra sweet/simple/special.  So be sure to stay tuned to what really matters.

Much love and thank you for reading.  ❤

6 comments on “Head spinning yet…?

  1. Oh yes!! Was off today, which was a great thing, overcome with nausea at the moment. I have been quiet most of the morning/afternoon, so thought I would get motivated….NOT a good idea right now.
    Oh how I do feel we are moving into some pretty AMAZING times, we will be faced with some challenging situations, not so much ‘our own’, yet with helping others!
    My grandson 20 is having a difficult time, (he is one of the sensitives), please pray for him!! 💖

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