Growing pains…?


Well… let’s just add it to the list of possibilities.  Yet it doesn’t have to feel like pain.   It’s just whatever we loaded the day before, may no longer apply.  So it may also feel like what was down is now up and vice versa.  As if it was a brief patch and now we’re already ready for a whole new platform.  Yikes… and we got this.  😊 

As a collective – the work we did, choices made and vibration held – well, we agreed to a larger push/jump/timeline split.  So those upgrade symptoms may linger a bit longer.  Stay hydrated, rest as you can, be open/relaxed/flexible.  Stretching may become meditation and dance also works.  Sauna/Epson salt bath may also help.  Be kind to self and others.

No thing seems to be in concreate.  A whisper was, plans change all the time.  Spirit seemed to be hinting to our literal (and more immediate) plans here and now and our larger divine purpose/plan.  And a dream hinted to glitches and seeing the unseen, too.  There do seem to be moments that the energy surges a bit.  If this ends up being the case, keep it simple and see what presents.  Often an invitation to a new understanding/skill.

Some may be on a Hanukkah schedule (even if this hasn’t resonated before):  8 nights of light.  8 days of gifts/”gifts”.  We’re now on day three.

Now is a great moment.  Magical and profound.  Act accordingly my loves and lights.  More later.  ❤


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  1. Amazing articles. Please contact me. I’d love to form a group of visionaries and have a weekly talk. Perhaps to publish on YouTube?

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