Being resilient… and conscious sleeping

At times it’s hard to title a post.  Often much is going on and how to pick/choose/summarize.  Now’s a mix… yet I come to two themes.  Of being resilient and… one may just need sleep.  Being a forerunner/wayshower/lightworker/etc. is not always easy…  So to not take anything too serious as this is just a moment/wave that is flowing.  We/the energy/body do know what to do.  So the resilient part may come as one wonders if they’re back in duality or feeling another round of tough experiences or body upgrades.  Like, what is this?  Feeling the extremes as we again do some clearing/releasing/end of the year housekeeping.

Like didn’t we just get a reminder to be in joy/fun…?  Yup!  And many are.  Yet often this is about releasing the density/heavy/yuck.  We feel it… walk/do it… and release it so that many can feel the lighter side.

I often mention the importance of, rest, sleep… or, the inability to.  Those times of being wire tired as the energy pulses in every cell of our being.  While Spirit reminds that our Soul doesn’t need rest, I’m still thinking our human body does – for many reasons.  So some will notice that they just need more down time/rest/sleep at times – possibly now.  Finding if they get enough, they’ll awake with such clarity and feeling different, anew.  Oh a great feeling.

One may awake though to realize they aren’t awake… and pretty quickly go back to la-la land (more is needed) or do the best they can (stumbling/trying to get their bearings).  Again, for many reasons:  upgrades/repair/journeying/etc., and… will all catch up/balance out.

In the past while resting/sleeping, there have been times of heating up/life force/Kundalini making it’s presence known and then a deep chill feeling.  Now for me, I’m just noticing the chill.  A bit interesting so I just note.  Fluish symptoms may also present – just rest/don’t claim – it can pass quickly.

Oh resilient we are.  More than we often realize.  And we rest/reset/allow the body to catch up, dream/visit/be lucid.  Sleep is now conscious, with intent.  All a part of the process and taking us into the next.  In divine perfection and joy.   ❤

6 comments on “Being resilient… and conscious sleeping

  1. OH the fluish symptoms, since Friday. My granddaughter ask how I was doing, I said not the best, “a bug is in me”……lol I could have said I have the Ascension Flu, as I know the difference by now, but no need to confuse anyone.
    Thanks for all you share Molly!! 💖💫

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