New Day

Let’s start with a word and it would be…. SURRENDER.  It does work.  It just takes a moment to get there – total peace/clear/a gift one gives to self/an obvious thing to do at times yet…  In morning meditation I also came to, check on your tribe.  This would be whoever is in your soul family or that you may encounter.  And at times, it’s not who you may normally first think of.  While this is a joyous time…

It may also have a variety of other moments.  Moments now do seem, pivotal.  There seems to be some random/trivial and (while it may be important) to also remember what’s important in the bigger picture.  We have this gift of looking at things from larger/multiple perspectives.

For some time now I’ve held the practice of meditate in the morning and evening.  Often morning meditations to assist/remind/bump up/feel the right vibration.  Sleep can do this yet at times sleep is also busy – dreaming/visiting/healing/just being neutral.  Then in the late evening to review/wind down/let go… and often to realize the little things I missed during the day.  A few years ago Spirit would often remind me of signs I missed – oh the irony so I’d chuckle.  Anything/everything can hold meaning.  Meditations don’t have to be long or traditional – practice/find a state of being/way that works for you.  And often meditation is about love, being open… and in gratitude.

Oh New Earth.  It is each new day.  What one chooses to carry over and reintroduce into each new day is a choice.  Yes, at times the Universe pushes a bit or plops a reality right back in your face.  Just make sure you’re starting with the right vision for your day/reality.  To not take a half step back into an old mindset/reality.

And this may also be a time of continued self-care.  This latest pulse holds some body work/adjustments.  Be patient with self, the process and others.


Welcome to new moon, solstice and a few more days of Mercury retrograde if these affect you.  Light will be returning, a shift/flip and going direct.  Ready...??  Let’s take it step by step, day by day and in love and light.  (( HUG ))

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