Oh 2018… just two weeks away.  While many of us are present/not time consumed/now oriented, I do though wonder as I observe the signs.  2017 collectively was indeed a time of much coming to light.  Many found their inner or outer voice/outlet/way/tribe/support/truth… and in this much healing, connection and defining moments.

So the signs have been of busy, active, much… and while this time of year can naturally be this way, I am also seeing it mirrored in the sky and other ways.  (The sky’s have held a magic/magnetic energy the past two days.)

2017 was a call to again turn inward… and deeper.  To know they self.  And then turn outwards… and, how would it play out?  Can I say that we’ve been dabbling and practicing?  2018 may be the year.  Honestly it can be… anything!  It depends upon one’s believes, vibration and plan.  What is one now ready for?  And yup… often the unexpected yet also, perfect.

Like, which reality do you know to place yourself in.  This is not a question, lol.  It may be an inward year or outward… or a mix.  It may hold challenges yet also miracles, ease and bliss.  So what are you now cultivating… as it is coming into form.  The body doesn’t lie… connect in meditation to get a preview.  What movement do you see… any walls/veils/perceived limitations…?  (they can dissolve)

This is a very personal journey yet also collective.  How do you see your energy… and as it connects to a larger light expansion?  Oh I do see much light.  Some may work more on the light grid as it is self-sustaining.  (practice to see)

And yup, think music and laughter as these vibes can connect you quickly; your compass/heartbeat and knowing.  Look to the near future and smile.  Embrace.  Ready…?  We’re on to the next chapter and adventure.  Yippee!  ❤

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