A Cosmic Christmas

Alrighty light and loves… it’s been busy… yes?  It also seems that we have some Spirits of Christ mas past, present and future, LOL!  Visit/enjoy/be aware and smile.  We are shifting big time.  Feel it?  I am particularly in heart space.  Expansion. 

Some may be feeling a bit of pressure to get a particular thing done.  It may be something you’ve already worked on (and not much to do with Christmas yet the signs may assist).  So it should be easy/easier to make sure that this is now indeed complete.  It can be a simple action or just one more meditation/working with the energy.  We are closing out chapters.  Ahh, closure and a fresh new start.

Pick your energy with care and in knowing.  And be open to all that may come.  The variety right now is indeed amazing.  This though is not to be overwhelming – breathe and find your place.  The signs, synchronicities and dreams have also been spot on.  And the simple moments, oh so enjoyable.  The balance and dance.  As far as body upgrades, I feel these may lessen for many over the next week or two as we shift into experiences/work/joy/being.  If this is not the case, trust your process and honor.  This is indeed a time to gather the family, feed your lightbody/soul and exchange gifts.  Yup, these words many hold new meaning/ways.  Try something new…?

I’ll post as I can over the next two weeks.  It’s time to be present/a present to all… (this includes self).  I pause and wish to express my gratitude to so many who have become my family here.  Oh the love, growth and adventure these past three years!  Trinity.  Feeling blessed and hope you are, too.  In awe, reverence, fun, laughter and ❤  !!  Let’s rejoice and let the symphony play on, the choir sing and bells ring.

6 comments on “A Cosmic Christmas

  1. Ah, yes, the pressure to complete:). I’m finding the pressure to start! Seems everyone wants something done–and I’m putting a firm foot down for some peace and rest over the holidays:). Here’s hoping the Universe supports that!

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