Happy, wild, awesome here we come

Oh it’s just been a few days yet I’ve missed writing.  We are leaping ahead in small and big ways.  And, are we having fun relaxing into the unknown…?  That also seems to be a part of this.  Feeling and knowing our current vibrational state of being.  This would include gratitude, peace… and not feeling that we need more or that something is off… since it’s all perfect.  Right?  Once one can remember/know/be this divine perfection and bliss, we advance into the now/new/future.  Ahh… and with a wolf/super full moon on 1/1/2018, what perfect synchronicity and way to start the new year.  In light.  

I was thinking on how so often I’ve/we’ve had to ironically take a step back to understand the now.  As I was reviewing my notes from the past two weeks, I smiled.  Several notes that were important in the moment, now don’t seem as important or as much of a clue (as it’s been in the past).  We really have caught up on many levels, here and now.  We are knowing, clear, primed and open yet focused.  For whatever may arise.  It’s as if the past week or so has had some random/quick/variety yet has been a time to savor whatever we enjoy.  And in this, possibly making even more realizations and choices/adjustments.  It’s also been a time to even more let go of what shaped us these past few months, as that work is done.  An issue may be though that it was so intense/massive, it may still linger in your energy.  Trust that if it is your now/future, Spirit will bring it back around.  And, one might be in awe that now events are not triggers.

In ways Spirit has been quiet.  Well, I like surprises and know it all syncs up/plays out perfectly.  The body work/adjustments do seem to continue.  For me somewhat milder and for the most part able to embrace, go and do even more yet in moments they do feel thick and head to toe.  This may be now work/upgrades, forerunning or…

I continue to observe signs, meditate, appreciate and enjoy.  Several days ago my ears were ringing many tones (like, can you hear me now, test test).  This always makes me smile.  And lower body drops (literally weak in the knees, lower body ache) – several rounds.  The weather here was been C-O-L-D.  A great time to go slow, pull in and rest/reset/honor.

Some themes seem to continue/resurface.  Relationships… and timing…  We walk the path/have the experience again and again until it all levels out.  We fill in gaps/holes and smooth out the vibration; bring into harmony.

And some have even more “descended” back into their chosen reality.  Yet one might not see the perfection of it… yet.  It can feel like the wrong reality… possibly in moments and for months.  Be patient.  This could also be described as a time of soul (aspect) exchange.   Many will be experiencing this in the new year, too, and at times it can feel like stark contrasts of realities.

Dates/numerology is always fun to play with.  So 2018 is an 11 year… or a two.  At times it may feel like both… Mastery and putting one foot in front of the other, those baby steps as we come out of the 1 year (fresh start) and slowly advance towards a 9 year (2025, completion of a cycle).  Now seems like a good time to hold space for peace, love… and to be in awe.  This is a new year… and a new us… in a new world/reality.  How we’ve done things in the past may or may not serve us now.  We’ve worked for years to recreate who we are.  Very unique, complex yet simple.  We are Spirit… and Spirit is about freedom.

So get your awesome on (your vibe right).  Let your light shine.  Think light (verses dense).  Wishing all massive amounts of love and support and we further journey.  Wild and ready…?  Yup!

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