A walk into bliss

Evenings ago I bundled up and took a stroll down the shoreline… and into the sunset.  And an amazing sunset unfolded.  Often moments like these (that I don’t expect or plan) simply become more.  A connection, remembrance and just oh so special – words just can’t describe.  So… sharing 11 magical pictures.

You can click (on any picture) and go step by step into the bliss.  Thought/intention places you there, at times location just doesn’t matter as much as the feeling does.  We are walking into this…    ❤

16 comments on “A walk into bliss

    • Aww, thank you.
      We are on day 4 of monsoon like rain here now – missing the sun and beach time (yet this too shall pass).
      Hug and hope to meet/see you soon! ❤


  1. Omg, these beautiful pictures spoke to my soul…..I must return to the ocean, for my SOUL!!!

    A deep sadness, and incredible longing! ❤️

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    As I thought on writing this morning, this caught my eye. Really, this too captures now and where we are headed. Then it was extra special since it was on a winter/cooler evening and even that symbolism may fit as we’ve anchored in a huge amount of light. Possibly though feeling both the contrast (do I want to walk on a “cold” evening) yet knowing and union. Ahh… Step by amazing step. ❤ P.S. Now may be a good time to hold space and self-care/love if needed. ❤

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