Your calling

Hello Loves and Lights!  How are we doing??  It’s flowing/pulsing so I’m writing.  This seems to be a time to listen… observe… and to be patient.  Ha… as this is not always our strong suite – we know/remember/are able to do so much.  While today marks the new year, I’d noted a message about the new moon, new us, etc.  A new cycle of completion.  Ahh… so about two more weeks.  Know that I hold this loosely as every moment in this journey is special.  New ways will be calling/surfacing yet from my experience, they can at times also be easy to miss.  Be sure to stay tuned and dialed in. 

For several days now I’ve been feeling nothing but positive about now/the future.  This peace and smile comes to my face.   And this morning I arose to an unexpected gift.  Not even on the “radar” – how symbolic.  The first snow fall this year/winter.  PURITY.  Yup!  Each snowflake as unique as each of us.  Snow, like many elements/signs, can be a great way to connect and receive messages/knowing/adjustments.  At times I listen to birds, walk into sunsets, and feel the wind dance.  So enjoying, chillin… and the crock pot is on.  Remain open and optimistic loves and lights.  More… later!  xoxo


P.S.  We did have a mild geostorm and more intense electron flux overnight/to kick off the year.  Body adjustments can make one feel fluish/like a truck hit them.  Breathe, stretch, stay hydrated and rest.  Epson salt bath/sauna/swim in a warm pool may help.

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