Flowing Circles


Oh nothing like the cold to wake you up!  Gheez… I am a mermaid and it’s cold here.  Contrast though can shake one up… and inspire.  Bringing a-ha’s and making some things crystal clear.  So see how you feel… what you say – all messages in there own way.

Also in a reflective state at the moment.  I realized an old past-time was to review the year:  the highs, lows, changes, monumental moments, etc.  I didn’t as 2017 came to a close.  Probably because we do this now often enough as we go through the cycles.  And interesting as achievements don’t even seem to factor in (as they did in the past).  Goals/successes/numbers… not motivating factors.  And ha, no resolutions either.

Reflecting is a great way to center, be humble… and in awe.  To clear the channel, let go and be ready for the next/now.

At times I do pause and think on this journey.  Life has been very different for me these past six years.  How I’ve chosen to embrace life, challenges, spirituality… self and others.  I’ve been blessed to have some who’ve followed along here since I started this blog, so you know the different area’s we’ve explored and experienced.  A lot of healing, being honest/brave/authentic, and both the bliss and… bizarre.  Often bridging and seeing both the seen and unseen.  The micro and macro.

This time last year Spirit/this process/journey did seem to shift me back/right where I needed to be and am now.  I often share thoughts/experiences just as a perspective that anything is possible and (our new) normal.  Then, I could feel a subtle disconnect from Galactic messages/meetings/etc. as I had other work to do.

There are so many ways to connect and feel Spirit and at times one will sample.  I chuckle as it does feel like a physic tour I’ve been on for years – remembering, practicing, being this way or that.  Then it would shift and flow into a new.  And moments where one realizes you are and have available to you, all of it.  Many do choose a way and hone/become.  I guess I like the variety and will see as this continues to unfold.

I’ve also noticed that some types of messages are now brief or just a feeling.  Spirit explained some time ago they’ll continue to provided messages as long as one needs them.  There is a step, that to help calm and balance the mind, oh one might be insatiable.  Needing 111 explanations, reminders and encouragement.  Oh so much feminine/masculine, mind/heart, past/present/future, inner/outer work we do.

And if the cold has inspired you to hibernate – trust that.  At times the body does just need to rest/allow.  Some will need this time/peace/simple till 1/11.  These dates can signify a fresh new start.  A new gate/passageway/reality we enter.

Two possible themes may be:  need and judgement.  Like, what you feel you need or are still expecting/longing/dreaming of.  All very different vibrations so one may wish to explore and clear.  Some emotions may also be interwoven as well as understanding personality traits verses Spirit/mission/purpose/your essence.  Personality is great, it’s what we came to experience and what makes us unique.  At times though it can be a mask/layer.  And, no judgement… just love.

Okay… so enough for now.  I thank you for reading and all that you do.  Smiling…             ((  ❤  ))


3 comments on “Flowing Circles

  1. HI Molly,
    Happy New Year! My job was closed last week for our holiday break and hibernate was exactly the word I used to describe my time off. Things have been so hectic and stressful at work. I knew this was what I needed in order to center. It felt blissful to just BE. I also agree with the messages being more brief and the feeling/knowing moving to the forefront.

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