1/11 light + human body

I started this as a note to self  (and seems to piggyback on today’s earlier post) so keeping as is and sharing:  A week of feeling/thinking oh so hopeful and happy and yippee !!  These past few days good and in moments, whooooo – the chill/freeze alert is for real.  Awaking in the morning later than normal and feeling as if I worked out all night.  It does fade (within an hour) yet also a few power-down moments are needed during the day.  This evening I felt the need to lay down and…

no thought, no movement, no sleep for 90 minutes.  Held in a mild yet intense energy, mostly gut to heart yet also toe to head.  The body work/feelings/adjustments started years ago – by now a part of my way/life.  They’ve changed over the years and yup, seem to happen more often.  Trust that the old me never would have believed.  Ever.

Several years ago it was random/weird/at times concerning/medical??  Coming from a medical training/career, I’ve shifted and bridged.  I’ve come to understand in my own ways:  dna changes, healing work, clearing disease, collective clearing, supporting, anchoring, expanding, upgrading, forerunning… wow.  And I also seem to know I/we don’t completely understand – maybe more will be explained in the future.  It does affect every cell, organ, system, etc.  Ahh… 11 ( ❤ that number) organ systems that run our amazing human body.

So one may have felt the process (usually in stages/doses) affect their nervous, circulatory, endocrine (glands/hormones) or immune system.  This process is that thorough.  Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and on so many levels.

Usually after a mini rest, all feels restored and ready to go again.  Before or as they come on it can feel like a really bad flu setting in and easy for the mind to say, oh you’ll be down and out for a while.  At times though it’s literally 10 minutes or yes, a few hours but not days/weeks.  I had a period of that though and do hope those days are done.  It can be tough on one physically/mentally/emotionally.  What’s worked for some time now is just to honor and not fight it – to relax – as if this speeds it up.  In the past grander visions and messages often accompanied and at times they still do.  At times though, it’s just a divine neutrality moment.

So Mother Nature is one of my guides – two more days in “deep freeze”.  So we’ll see as this continues.  ❤

And ha, as I finish typing the next does seem to be opening up.  Feeling those inner star bursts.  Smiling…

9 comments on “1/11 light + human body

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  4. Right on Soul Sister!! I can SO relate to this!! It’s interesting to me how we seem to sync with these Energies!! My very first Ascension teacher/writer Karen Bishop ( What’s Up On Planet Earth,-2008), it was the same way! Smiling……
    Thanks for thinking of me upon writing this……💖✨💫

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    • And thanks for mentioning Karen Bishop… will have to look her up. I feel like I stumble into much of this part of the process. Yes grateful for those who went before and wrote/guided/give a reference yet when it happens to you… whooo. LOL. And then it becomes the new norm/way. ❤ to ❤

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      • I sent you email….and I need to correct myself on the date 2008, it was 2003…..❤️
        Long AMAZING journey this continues to be!! ❤️

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