Being prepared


Yes, many are feeling integrations… or (continuing in) clearing work.  For some it may seem ho-hum/quiet/uncertain – just do the best (or bold) as one can.  Years ago Spirit advised, work what’s been given… and now may be one of those times.  Honoring whatever is and if one’s ready, utilizing all that is within reach; keeping our creative/healing energy flowing…  

this can include using the simple/obvious/random to it’s maximum or new potential.

A week ago, I could feel a few balls of energy – where I could easily invest my energy.  Yet, I also seemed to know that the timing wasn’t right… so I let go.  Often in this journey, in freeing up energy, the right/true/real then comes into being.  You welcome the unknown and in ways it becomes clear.

And interesting as I literally started three posts in an evening but again, let go.  Often enough the passion/energy/topics do resurface.  As for now, something else subtle yet significant is going on.

And Mother Nature reminds/mirrors.  Here big winds rolled in, rain and then snow.  I awoke overnight feeling body adjustments – it does seem like it’s been a few months since they’ve awoken me.  The power had gone out, too – a disconnect so that it could be restored.  The following day, taking mini rests and Spirit did share a few words.  Always interesting the choice.  It does seem to be a new layer/chapter and balancing of it all now in form.  We are being well prepared.

I seemed to have a few reminders, too.  As I used a funnel to fill the bird feeder, at times some of the seed got stuck… this is about slow, gradual and flow.  And with deep freeze temps, to drip the faucet (yet I typed, facet, ahh yes that, too).  Keep it flowing so that it doesn’t freeze/burst.

So now outside here fresh white and bright snow and blue skies.  Spending time in the elements has been a helpful reminder/energy exchange.  Play!  Enjoy.

Feeling much in the body, too… in stages/moments like mild headache, heart and life purpose (chakra) expansion, etc.  So I seem to know to take a bit of time to rest/relax into this.  Breathing in and out, smiling and stretching.  A theme has been glowing, electric, sparkle and spark.  2018 holds magic and so do we.  ❤



P.S.  Check on tribe and small acts of kindness may also be now.  So many ways to be in… of, or out and about, service.  In saying this, now may also a time to just be… still.  I chuckle as wind chill warnings have been issued.  Now can be a great time to stay warm, safe, simple and in.   Allow any “ice” to thaw.



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