Cabin Fever…?


Many of us are still in winter weather.  Snowed in.  It can be a very special time and embraced and enjoyed in many ways.  A great time to catch up on sleep, read, cook warm meals, spend time with family… and create or play!  For many, they continue to integrate this latest pulse (see last post).  And some have the invitation to sit with… or in the fire- as in a phoenix process.

A snow storm can limit one.  Their ability to go and do… and this is the point.  No more running/hiding/ignoring.  What does one now need to embrace/experience?  It can be simple… or be an invitation to go much deeper.  And yup, even if you’ve done this a dozen+ times before…   Really we stop counting.

One will know… or fight it – feeling some resistance/fear.  If in doubt, be open or guided in a meditation moment.  One may be surprised that much does need to surface and be released.  This is a time of yet again great and rapid change.  It may be personal or just a layer of indescribable gunk (and no need to own it).

As the snow has stayed here I continue to reflect upon the symbolism.  A water element that changed form, soft and unique.  And still much ice, too, yet interesting as it was snow.  One can’t force ice to melt although it can happen quickly.  Ice can be a powerful force.  So this may continue to be a time to chill…  hibernate… integrate… or _____ ??  Move around/stretch… curl up with a warm blanket… and some are very much in service… naturally doing/being.

Whatever we experience, often we then feel the other side/extreme.

And add geo unrest today, too, and after days of electron flux slowly chipping away, a more intense round/cleaning now.  Some may be feeling.

So possibly think on it more like…


A-ha’s are incoming.  They may be like dah, yup, why didn’t I just do/think that.  Solutions will be obvious and easy.  A restart indeed.

I’ve started a few other posts so we’ll see what gets published.  As for now, I am honoring this step by step, moment by moment.  Simple and less may be more.


(All pics found online… and just saying the hot liquid and cold outdoors air temp -picture above- does work and can be a photo challenge  😉  ❤  Still practicing, lol.

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