Awake in everything you do

I opened my notebook and saw a note I’d made over two weeks ago.  A message from Spirit/higher-self.  I smiled as it seemed to resonate even more now.  It was talking about, change.  And awakening anew.  A whole new plan… and to just relax into the unknown.  Yup, that sure does fit now

Really much has happened in the past two+ weeks yet one might not see/feel/understand this yet.  I love these times, for me quantum jumps are often so subtle.  They just happen.  Quantum can be defined as:  the smallest amount of something.  Like the path of least resistance yet I also think big when I hear the word.

We’re getting ready to fire on all cylinders.  I feel it in moments.  So it may be a few more days/weeks/whatever yet, it will happen.

Okay… this next part is written in love… yet may also carry other vibes as needed.  One of the reasons we do so much personal/inner work is so that we can truly/purely help others.  Often Spirit will pull us in or have us experience certain things to become aware and better able to serve.  It’s not always easy and not all can.  So… we are not victims.  Of this process or anything that has happened in the past or even now/our current reality.  No excuses… complaining.  Willing, ready and able.  Onward and upward.  Right…?  Well, it’s also okay if you’re just not feeling it – trust your process.

[ One may wish to write/express anything that is holding them in place; illusions.  What you think/feel bonds you, has limited you or done wrong.  Get it out.  Scream, cry, journal, write and then burn/trash it.  Get it out of your system… for good. ]

Thoughts and choices are important.  We are who we’ve been waiting for.  So what is your next highest thought?  Some are really feeling the dip/pressure/hardship and this may or may not be part of your true plan.  At times we have to pull our self up.  We have to create… change.  I do get it though – there was a time that I felt certain I just needed to wait… and it would be delivered.  The it being the miracle/reward/divine wow.  And it was, again and again yet, so not what/how I thought.

So soon (or even now – like why wait) will be a time to take that next divine step… or jump.  It may be easy… can be easy.  It’s in knowing, trust, faith… love and joy.  It’s in expansion/forerunning and this at times can feel like bravery.  Surprise self.

We really have become awake and alive in all that we do.  We are here for a reason – aware and conscious.  And this alone is a gift.  Let’s use it my loves and lights.

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