Look again

The New Year started with an extra dose of optimism and that continues.  I feel this being a great year.  The past week my outer sign/reality has been snow and very below normal temps.  So this past week has been about going slower and allowing.  While we do choose/create our reality, we also flow with the process/embrace what arises. 

Now doesn’t seem to be as much a time of mental/emotional/etc. – although it is for many.  More the body.  So the body may experience:

  • Need for sleep (which may include mini rests or a hard time getting to sleep yet then a hard time waking).
  • When lying down/eyes closed, seeing and feeling the energy and light pulsing.
  • Headache (mild or splitting), heart expansions, chi/heat running in body.
  • Needing more/less/different to eat/nourish.
  • Feeling in moments out of bodyish, vertigo, random and quick vision things like seeing double, space differences.  Feeling sideways, floatie, out of it, unable to ground.
  • And… ear ringing (off and on) continues.  One may also feel lower body drops or an all over body stiffness/ache – trust that one will be fluid/flexible again.

Much is going on in the body and Universe.  We allow this passage.  New factors and elements are in place.  I didn’t realize (ability to put words to it) till after my second car trip out (music helped) and bam I could feel the unseen/new.  It is powerful, like it’s been a few years since I’ve felt that intensity/purity.

[ As a side note, fear can also hold one in place.  One may think they’ve already cleared all fear… yet an additional discernment may assist.  Talk with your body/soul and allow it to pull self up and out – a bit quicker- of any process one is in. ]

I’d noted what seemed like a few random words in a rest.  After reviewing I then understood.  We do now hold and allow it to unfold.  We look again… at self… and our surroundings.  This may be one of many themes in 2018.  What (now) has changed?  While it may be easy to say, not much…   😊  ❤

Look again… think again… be again.


Your calling … be sure to answer  ❤

15 comments on “Look again

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  3. This past week has been miserable for both me and my sensitive son. Finally shifting a little bit with the week’s commitments behind us. Two big energy shifts walloped me, the latter leaving me do the ascension flu-like thing of having big chills, shivers and shakes, followed by lots of heat/sweats, poor sleep and stomach affected. Like a bomb to the 3rd chakra. Finally, four days in, things are mostly mental junk leaving and some sore muscles. The kid is still a bit off, but on the upswing I think. Tons of fun with Kundalini!

    Definitely been experiencing more ear ringing, and feeling floaty has been almost daily for a number of months now.

    With so much intense shifting going on, I’m not surprised when things ache and hurt for a while, but never expected it to affect my jaw/ teeth (mostly front teeth). Weird.


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    • Thank you for sharing every word here! This is a perfect description. I’ve had waves/moments with teeth, too, over the years so not weird at all. Interesting you mention front teeth because I noticed that recently – hmm. Like before more the molars. And you reminded me, yes, random memories coming up and going!! ❤

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  4. I’ve been feeling very strange lately. I went from motivated, optimistic, and buzzing with energy at the end of 2017 and into the first couple of days in 2018: then I hit a wall.

    What is this? Has anyone else experienced the same energy? I started to worry, doubted myself, and fell into oild bad habits. I’ve managed to pull myself out, but I can’t help but believe the universe is giving me tests to strengthen me. Perhaps more old STILL needs to fall away before I can truly step into my 2018 power!

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    • Kristin – great to connect! What you wrote is EXACTELY what happened to me this time last yr. Dec I had 3 weeks of massive high energy and then BOOM/dropped. I was like, what the… 2017 for me was a/another year of personal wk and growth after already doing yrs of that. Now though I look back, smile and am soooo grateful. It was worth every minute!! No more old habits and yes, at times it feels like a test. We are leaping ahead and into our birthright/power. ❤

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