High Vibe AND Sustaining Vocation

It’s been a while since I’ve written on, money.  In the past, often enough.  I could feel the theme stir in December (yet let go) and definitely again this month.  December can be a time of wanting or naturally doing more (travel, gifts, donations, etc.) and January potentially feeling the reality/pinch of doing things from the heart.  Or now having new ideas/energy yet the cost may seem prohibitive/risky.  In the past I’ve chosen to write on the topic…

in a pretty consistent way.  We are rich… provided for… and do have abundance.  We also at times need to take steps in faith and knowing.

How one will see/feel/experience this will (often naturally) change as the journey continues.  Money is a gift/tool/energy… holding many vibes as well as lessons.  Often it is about addressing our thoughts/root issues as well as fears/the false.  It can take  years  to work through the process/layers.  The longer I walk this path, the less (yet then again in certain situations, more) the word/form means.  It does seem to be an Earth thing and I’ve experienced how Spirit works – a way (or… protection/pause/redirection) is provided.  I do get it though as I have expenses/bills/joys/dreams/a mission, too.

I’ve shared before that I am of (or started with) the spiritual teachings that money/abundance would come rather easy/naturally.  Law of attraction… right??  Yet if manifesting millions/money was your intention or got you interested… well, all I can do is smile.  In my process these past few years, I’ve felt the gift of both blessing and humility  (one might also call it, simplicity or could be viewed as struggle).  I wouldn’t change this though.  What’s worked for me is holding it all in perspective and deep gratitude.

Over the years I’ve listened to answers and have seen some dance around the topic.  It can be a challenging topic to embrace and relay.  Like, it’s more than just thought… self-worth issues, energy…  So then is it up to fate/divine plan… or that one just is’t patient/knowing/grateful enough?

Well, I wish to examine a certain slant here.  There’s a rather large group who’ve done the work, walked the walked, experienced the high vibe and continue.  Like the financial support/gate should have opened by now and continued… right?  Hmm as often the discussion of considering/needing (to return to) the work/career/3D world.  Many have given it all they had/could and do often return to a way of work/service that might not seem/be ideal, what they thought, of their true gift or passion.  Like wasn’t this to be the way…?

[ I will share that one can get to a point that they can see/experience either is the way. ]

So I pondered yet, not for long.  Yes, one can make a career/be self-sustaining by doing what they love.  It just happens.  For some quickly, for others after a lifetime of commitment.  Many are doing well in the spiritual healing/teaching arena yet… what about all those who are still trying…?  This journey is about freedom, ease, creation… and at times money/support is a way to experience this; part of the energy/package.  So is one just to be grateful they had a taste… and/or…

Then I seemed to realize, this is one of many new paradigm‘s being built.  Like attracts like.  How do  we  take our passion/gift AND have it sustain us… as this is just what it’s doing for us.  Otherwise we would have given up long before this.  This is not a hobby; it is the way.  If we were all oh so (financially) successful, then we’d be in our own energy/roll.  Maybe this is more about connecting/relationships, thinking anew… way.  We create something from everything and nothing.  We really are forerunning here and now this path.

So if you happen to find yourself here reading along… what is the new way?

We can see the fruits of our labor… and how can we now have that sustain us just as much as any other chosen career path?

Ponder… meditate… be guided.  Reach out and let’s discuss.  It’s not traditional.  Or about ego/pride.  It is about taking a negative (what may have been lack/struggle) yet also the huge positive and allowing it to work.  The ways of now (how other teachers/healers has successfully made a career/business) will not necessary help those who are awakening and rather quickly coming up.

It is time, supported and connected to the light grid.  It is about laughter and love… fun and joy… passion and purpose.  Build it and they will come.  Well team, I say, hold the vision and let’s play ball!



(And ha, this is a popular topic, just google and many perspectives available  😊 )

6 comments on “High Vibe AND Sustaining Vocation

  1. Great topic. Because of how much has been healed in me, I really want to turn around and help others create the same in their lives, when the time is right. And in my case, it will be a few years yet.

    I love that when I was a teen, I really thought I was going to go to medical school and become a doctor. (That changed half way through college). And yet, the healing I want to help people create in their lives will focus on conditions that medical doctors treat but can’t cure. Conditions I used to have, but have healed. Both mental and physical.

    In answer to what’s the new way? It will look as diverse as there are people. It will look like the person who is a “one man show”, who networks through friends and acquaintances to find clients through word of mouth, working in their home or at local small events (aka spiritual fairs), all the way up to someone like Louise Hay.

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    • Ha! Sync!! ❤ as I just had this conversation earlier today – healing/treating. So many seek medical and after lots of tests/treatments still no dx/answer/cure. Spiritual is a big part. Again, thank you!

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