Honestly, I had no expectations (a good thing)… or detailed foretelling’s for the first of this year.  The longer I walk this path, the more I let go and just embrace.  Yes, also a visionary/have intentions… and like surprises, respect the mystery and have discovered the Universe’s plan is often better.  While every moment on this journey is important, this time now does seem interesting and unprecedented.   We seem to be on day 10 of a pretty consistent electron flux (five days of unsteady and five of pretty much nonstop).  I do remember a five day spell last year.  So some may be…

weary – emotionally/physically.  So wondering if 11 is the magic number as it seems to be frequent and the frequency – holding much meaning.  This is the year of 11  (2+0+1+8 = 11… or a two, both divine).

So many have knowing’s/messages/thoughts on now.  All correct!  Many are awakening/embodying/forerunning/clearing/fill in the blank and etc.  Oh our amazing mind does like answers/understanding.  For some this may be an 11 (month/year/dimension/body system/event) download/union/process.  And trust that additional revelations will happen.

Some time ago I noticed some of the more intense upgrades often did fall on long/holiday weekends and this would be the case in the US.  I used to keep up with astrology – as above, so below and often amazed at the accuracy – yet let go some time ago.  Guidance (in the form of longer messages) has been sporadic – for some time now this has been normal.  Many of us have been trained in multiple ways, so we use other skills – dreams, signs, Mother Nature, feelings, the random words/whispers here and there, etc.  (One can also use rune stones, muscle testing, angel/tarot cards, etc.)  I used to think I wasn’t privy/vibrational match when messages faded but, it’s not necessarily about that – vibration and frequency can be different things.  We each have a very special role/process/timing/etc. here.  And, interesting as earlier today I was reflecting on the gift of channeling – how that flowed/poured for quite some time and then the gift of foreknowing.  It seems that the body, reality and other is/has been more important.  Yet… also feel this is getting ready to all come back around.  😊

Now… is a time to care for self and others, keep your energy loose/open, and continue to think higher.  A rather large gate is opening.  This may also be a time of longing… and logic.  Often we are conditioned that we need to make a choice.  Ha!  I’ve often said, both!   How can one weave it all together.  (no question mark)

And, I’ve heard a theme come up often – abandonment.  This may be personal (in healing childhood/current/core wounds) or spiritual (as in your journey now).  Please know you haven’t been abandoned/are alone.  Yes, there are quiet times and often for reasons yet human connection is also so important.

And… some will be coming off the ascending track.  Months ago I received some guidance here and over the past year an interesting story/perspective has come together.  Many have ascended enough.  Truly grateful and humbled for the process and a new way will unfold.  Ready…?  Oh I am smiling…


P.S.  Stay hydrated!

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