The Now… and Random


Amen!  We seem to be done with that rather intense two week electron flux.  In moments, I/many were really (body wise) feelin it.  We do have a possible sun geo-storm (release) this weekend and can be seen/felt in a wide range:  as aggression-fast/electronic challenges/flying spiritually high.  Or… one may now have a new direction and be focused in that energy.

Often in the past, I’d note on what I was picking up on/experiencing and at times a challenge to stick to a theme/message as there was much going on.  And that would be now, too, so this will be just a noting.  Take what serves. 

Over the past few days, breakthrough messages that seem to pack a punch.  I’ve felt these in the past (the words/message + energy = cellular and real change).  At times, I’ve then posted long and numerous articles as I tried to process/share/assist.  This time I decided just to write to self.  The information and energy does make it feel like a step up/evolution/game changer… yet… I know to now let it settle.  It all factors in/becomes.  It can feel like info no one else knows yet… (exciting to make the leaps and a-ha’s)

Yet… more that your frequency has changed and into a new and larger pool we go.  Smiling.

And while many of us are forerunners/visionaries, please breathe and appreciate the now… for that is all there is.  For some there will be a few more adjustments as these next few days/weeks unfold – honor your process.  There is no rush.  If the energy/time/drive is there – Go!  Do… have fun!  Otherwise, a time/way will come.  Some are now seeing and realizing the next step/stretch/change/adventure  (and there is time as we grow into it).

In the past, often enough, Spirt would encourage homework.  To see what’s been written – for a variety of reasons.  The Tree of Life is not new to me yet I haven’t write, per say, on the topic.  It holds many meanings and in no way am I an expert.  It can be looked at as a process, used in tarot readings, healings, kabbalah, 12 fruits, 22 paths, sacred geometry, etc.  Often my roles is to just, remind.   So a sampling of images found online…

and one can do their own homework/discernment if interested.

Okay, one more random note.  Time zone travel.  I’ve noticed this over the years yet not sure if I’ve mentioned.  This journey can have much change in sleep patterns – more, less, altered… and at times synching more to a certain time zone other than the one you live in.  😊  Meditation may assist in guiding.

We are… entering a time where we see/use all as new opportunities.  More than just an option.  Look again… feel again… be who you’ve been waiting for.    ❤



P.S.  I’ve know since starting this blog to share… and what to hold a bit closer.  At times messages/experiences can be of a religious/galactic/personal/other in theme/nature/rite of passage.  If curious, message, comment (better together as often wisdom speaks in the comments – thanks for sharing) or, connect on the astral – we’ll chat from there.

And/addendum…   P.S.S.    As I was finishing this post, I heard to, stand down.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard and at times it’s needed.  It can be a time to be open/available, stabilize the grid/for a new (gate/time) to open as well as many other reasons.  Interesting as it was rather quickly repeated in other ways, too, and… another snow storm is incoming.  So, while I can often easily get on a roll, I will try to behave (lol) and we shall… see.

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