And this would be….?

Alrighty lights and loves… we’re getting ready to fly… jump in joy… ahead.  I will say though that one might not be feelin it in this moment…

While I wrote just two days ago, I’ve headed to the laptop to type several times… yet I couldn’t get more than a sentence or two written.  While it can be so simple, much is going on.  This journey/Spirit/life will always give much to write on.  So part of it has been feeling good/great and then bam, a very different energy.  Oh the body as it continues to process/adjust.  And then, other moments – life. 😊  Being present to what is, is such a gift and paramount.

So… I will share some of the body pulses are a bit tough.  I’ve felt these before.  They can have you calling your Guides, Uncle… or wanting to part ways with a spiritual process/journey.  Hmm…  yet we know.  Many are stabilizing the grid and thank you!  And this is why 5D/love is soo important.  Love for self, this journey and planet will get you/us through it.

Last night I’d noted:  Oh at times part of the process is… disorientation.  In moments asking, what day/reality is this…?  Who am I…?  Can I add a, lol.  And some moments/time/situations can just feel, weird.  One could also describe it as brain scrub/fog/forgetfulness/delay/glitches… yet more so, transitioning to a new/other energy.  And interesting as just when I was personally getting clear on next steps, I then heard a, stand down.  And sure enough more clearing/body adjustments.  And… snow!  Well… white is the color for purity… and surrender.  An so it was/is.

And… having some hibernation (or Snow White) like sleep cycles.  Awaking from these can take a bit more time.

There may be a moment of moving some pain out.  One might not realize it but often we do claim/keep a pain/story… like a favorite things.  It does serve us… until it doesn’t.  Releasing the story/pain/old can go easy/quickly or literally be a process and heave/felt.  Know that any wound is where the light enters and becoming whole again is an amazing moment and feeling.

And some may be triggered as they observe other’s (sleep)/continuing to work on/through their lessons/experiences… until one can respect and see.   Just love, allow/support and/or adjust (self) as needed.  Each is having the experience they need.

And… (gheez, the post of and‘s) one might feel a bit of nausea now, too.  I associate this with second-third chakra’s – relationships and career/work/purpose issues.  At times we don’t need to understand or create a story (many are past/done with the old/healing work), we allow/do the best we can as we may be alchemizing in advance.  Ginger may help.  One can create a healing/upgrading statement or modality and share as it may assist others, too.    A moment in pure/raw nature may greatly assist.  The beach, mountains, a park/trail, talking/being with a flower/plant/the ground or few minutes under the night stars.    (Art/crafts/journaling/connecting with a friend may also help.)

The signs have been interesting.  Full mailbox, receiving, small surprises, honesty and connecting.   Sideways, transfer, adjusted schedule…  What signs are you seeing as these would be in your energy and hint, hints from the Universe.

As I was reflecting on a past message, Everything is backwards…  I paused.  Backwards is everything then.    Hmm… yet/then… what is forward…?  I then heard, No thing is forwardWhoo… and wait.  Like what about the Akashic… and that everything’s been written??  This will bend a mind a bit.  Hmm… as we are creators.  So then are we literally creating our future… like this truly is new ground… Earth??

So what would this be…?  A wonderful time to go deeper into the mystery.  Smiling… and enough for now/will write as I can.  Oh so much love for each moment, interaction and this journey.  Thank you for reading!



P.S.  Snow White just needed a kiss to awakenKeep it so/soul simple.  ❤

P.S.S.  electron flux again – we had basically two weeks (a bit unusual), then two days off and now back at it.  There is a very special/empowering energy that I’ve been feeling as driving/listening to music and reminds me of years ago as I awoke.  It is happening.  😊

7 comments on “And this would be….?

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  2. Omg, whoa, wow!! This is packed with SO many wonderful VIBES! Wow, whoa, and
    Every word my dear Molly is SO on target for me!! I have experienced ‘symptoms’ that I have never experienced before!! Am I coming, am I going, or am I just being in the NOW!? I’m hear to tell ya, the NOW is where it’s ALL at!! I’ve come, I’ve gone, and I barely know what day it is…..but right NOW, is ALL that matters! 💞💫😘

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