Snow transmission

We’ve had two overnight snow storms so far this year/winter and that’s about the norm here yet… it’s still early.  We’ve still got another good 6+ weeks of the possibility.  Snow means different things – a time to pull in/go slow… a time to play… some love… and some, not so much.  While the flip flop lifestyle is more natural to me… I also enjoy all of the seasons.  I do bundle up and enjoy/play a bit.  So just sharing some pics and a short videos I took as it started falling at night.

I took these after I had a moment.  I was outside connecting with the elements – no camera – and actually needed to come in and lay down.  The snow seemed to pack an energy punch/exchange.  Yet then I was ready again…

The wind, snow… watching/feeling the force, ease… and dance…

For a moments it was as if I was traveling the Universe.  Particularly as it was blowing sideways….

I cold feel the cold/contrast yet in the flow… surrounded by stars.  Yet it was snowflakes… or was it orbs/angels/the divine…


And then, even two days later… a short drive and unique experience.  Snow on the beach.  I left feeling oh so heavenly so the pics are indeed light encoded.


(( ❤ ))


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