Anchoring in, home.


Oh loves and lights!  A powerful moment/energy exchange and then I could feel the re-set.  I do hope others are experiencing, too.  Often for me they come in the random/everyday moments and even more often in meditation/still points.  So to feel/experience and not be in a meditative state (per say) was sublime.  Like a reunion and Heaven on Earth moment.  While we’re always, home… anchoring in, more.  I then spent an evening reviewing some past notes.  Interesting as I wasn’t drawn to pushing ahead. 

Instead, appreciating the process that lead to the moment.

Well can I say, holy cow – every, every, every!! moment counts.  Every thing that we’ve experienced factors in.  Yes, much we do/process and then, let go (and as needed, anything can pops up again).  So just sharing some thoughts, just writing…

Spiritual flow/joy/practice… of course is my favorite part yet is just a piece… and, all of it/the glue.  On this journey I’ve been surprised by the depths of the mental and emotional work.  And then the physical body adjustments and… reality work.  One of the hardest steps (possibly after years of spiritual work/remembrance) may be being so present and welcoming to your own life – all of it.  A dose/unrestricted view of reality can be great/yippee/a pay off… or… shattering.  Yup, a very wide range here.  If shattering/difficult/not what you thought-hoped, it is for it to fall apart again… to be put back together.  While much can change as we change, often one will walk right back in where they left off to now use/be the new (skills/being).  Step by step we move on again.

There has been a lot of removal of the old and one might not realize this just yet.

In the past I’ve written on embracing/healing/shedding generational karma.  It can be a surprise step and woozier (like just working through our personal stuff can be enough).  While not all will experience, many lightworkers do.  There are many children/now grown who came to do this work.  Children are born perfect and often with their own mission which might include a blank slate or to be shaped/absorb/trigger their parents/family/generational story… and pain.  So they can find truth/light and clear generations/linages of drama/confusion/trauma.  Oh has this been happening.  Bless both the children who lead/assist and the parents who see/allow and choose new paths/ways/to heal – conscious parenting.    (And yes, some are born with no need to – they have their own agenda/vision.)

Now some may be triggered… and may need to vent/process/feel threatened-fear-let down/need support.  We remind of love and comfort/ease/peace/safety/personal power/change.  Some are in the midst of some tough realities/life lessons.  All I can recommend is to stick with it.  At times action/change is needed and at times, just staying with the energy is the action – verses running/hiding.  It may be weeks/months but one will be able to look back and see the change/progress.

[  And… our divine masculine are really feeling this energy.  They’ve been stabilizers/strong/warriors for some time.  Allowing the feminine to awaken and pave a way.  Now we pause and help them.  ]

Many are seeking connection right now yet it’s interesting.  Often one will be drawn to the wrong energy which will = no connection.  Trust that this is for a reason and the right time/place/space/energy/alignment will happen.  Until then, this is a journey of (self) love and feeling complete/whole – we are!   (So a reminder if one finds themselves over compensating/trying too hard – let go, breathe.)

We are never alone.  Yes, there may be darker/isolative moments.  Interesting as soul contracts are changing again – many have been fulfilled.  Hold tight (or loose) – the next will naturally unfold.  Some are having template wipes that are feeling even more thorough (no anchors/cords/free-floating) and at first it can feel very freeing/happy… or a bit sad/scary/uncertain.

We are anchoring in our next/now home frequency.  In every cell of our being.  It will guide and sustain us.  Relax… smile… and allow it to find and be you!  ❤

9 comments on “Anchoring in, home.

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  2. Well, here I come again….WHOA! Thank you Molly Brown, SO on target my soul sister!!
    Something is on my heart, and has been for some time as I follow this blog….as wonderful as it is to share/reblog such beautiful insight, Please re-bloggers, at least say thanks, or a few other words of gratitude…just my ‘feeling’. 😑✨💖

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    • Oh Annette! How sweet of you. Thank YOU – I do enjoy the comments and especially from you as you’ve always been so supportive, a shining light and wise. I remember when I started this blog. Knowing yet a bit unsure, even scared. Often it comes so easily/pours… other times I’ve wonder should I post/pause/be vulnerable-honest-etc. And gheez we often go over and over certain topics/themes yet one never knows who may now read or what may now sink in.

      Here I’ve found/created a home, freedom and felt such love, truth and support. I remember the 1st like, follower, comment and reblog/share – a whoohoo. I heartfeltly feel each share as an honor as it ripples outs – the possibility. I am just one of MANY. This blog has been a labor of love and at times a full time job 🙂 and will continue until the next unfolds. Passion, purpose and LOVE. So I don’t need a “thanks” (already in gratitude) although I do CHERISH your words. (( ❤ ))

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