Heart opening, Sacred… Wild and Fun

That’s what this journey is.  Yes, I could also use many other words, too.  Beautiful, humbling, confusing – heartbreaking at times (for a reason) and, powerful.  Patience is often needed – with self, others, and the process. 

It’s like the last few months have had several processes running:  reality work, astral work (yet one might not have much recall/carry over/connection), body work and just when one takes a breathe and thinks… back at it again.  Before these waves were slower and more time in between.  Ha!  Yet, when it all catches up (what’s been going on for weeks/months/years now), one knows.  The sync and harmony.  The peace/bliss/smile.  Oh it is worth it.

[  This journey will do much.  One of many, taking one from acting, reacting… to being… (conscious) in most/all of your actions.  It becomes simple/natural yet does take practice/a time of transition.  ]

I will say that the stretch right before the merge/sync/embodiment/level up can feel a bit choppy (prior posts may assist).  Sleep can also assist yet at times the energy that pulses through us (awakening) is a bit much to ground.  A week ago I had hints to stand down, then lay low… and now to proceed gingerly.  I am.  At times it’s easy… (or forced/mandatory) and other times, not so much as it’s great to be alive.  Yet much is going on in our body/energy… and we’re coming back online – different and better than before.  And new knowledge and skills, too.  So I am excited to see what unfolds.

I thought of the next wave of souls who are now awakening.  They are and are not like us.  Many of us were patient and while we did ask questions, didn’t push much.  This next waves is bolder, ready and wants answers.  They will ask questions.  They need the link/description/explanation/example and are not as much about the fluff/intangible/code/suggestion.  Lucky as there are many/much out there.  Oh get ready as we are and will be needed.

And a small realization.  Many can heal and create through photography and cooking/baking.  I didn’t realize but I’ve been doing this for a few years now.  Over the past two months I’ve tried several recipes (some I used to love) and decided this will be the last time I make; old me-body-story.  Always changing.

Years ago I tried art… more like crafts and at times was critical of my creations.  I could see in my mind but getting them to turn out… lol.  Yet, it wasn’t about that.  It was about movement, expression and trying.  All of these ways are/can be very therapeutic and healing.  I will say for many who stick with it – wow!!  There are so many ways to blend and that will be needed – new perspectives, too.

Okay, a random…  I’ve written on this once before, old wounds – physical/literal/on the body.  At times they do seem to resurface.  Interesting as I can remember the time/circumstances that surrounded.  Our body is doing another round of healing – additional discernment may or may not be needed.  Maybe just an acknowledgement and blessing for it to heal/clear your body again/for good.

Okay… it’s been three plus weeks but I feel we are indeed back at and ready for Happy, wild, awesome here we come !  Tying the two super moons of this month together.  Let’s get ready to have some fun!!  Be light hearted.  (( ❤ ))



(Beautiful artwork, first two tagged, 3rd unknown)

7 comments on “Heart opening, Sacred… Wild and Fun

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    • And YOU are an AMAZING photographer !! Oh my gosh!!
      I’ve had a love since my twenties but a few years ago picked new subjects, often nature – like you – and then could FEEL the beauty and how nature reminds/is a great teacher. Taking pictures did seem to help transform me and then these past few years often be an energy exchange. (( ❤ )) and thank you!

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