Free Will

Oh it’s been a while since I’ve written on free will yet it does seem important now.  Like, what do you truly love?  What brings you joy?  And peace?  For many this may be a new time of using the gift of free will/choice and blending it even more into your life and journey.  Like often and up until this point, many of the stages/process’s we have needed… 

To possibly include:  embodying ones soul… divine feminine/masculine… their higher self… soul aspects… an ascended/crystal/elemental/etheric/lightbody/new self,  can be a bit consuming.  And, oh so much remembrance and shedding of the old.  To then let all of this go/hold loosely.  So an even newer and greater next step and you comes into form.  Right here and now.  😊  We truly are in a new time and energy, and you are charting your course.  (And at times the destination does not matter – starting does.)

So, what do you want?  Desire?  What’s good for you will be a benefit to all.  There is a way.  No need to overthink.  Let your heart and soul lead.  ❤

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