Trumpet Swan

Having a moment… lol… and therefor I write.  While I often do on the energy I feel, messages/reminders/experiences/a perspective/process, etc… I thought I’d share what I am currently processing.  More of a personal sharing.  One will often have moments (ranging from a-ha’s to epiphany’s) of realizing… and then releasing.  It may be releasing old/pain or releasing as in joy… or change for the now/future/better. 

The other day I could feel a bit of stagnant energy.  I will say it does come (like an invitation) around often enough.  I was a bit surprised though since we’re in a dynamic and exciting time.  Often the stagnant energy means that the vortex/bubble/process one created has served it’s purpose and it is time to stop, allow the energy to disband (and at times this can even feel like brushing self off/pulling self up/put some lipstick on – verses Spirit reminding/doing) … and to move along again, being one with all.

So I felt called to some earlier private writing I’d done (in 2012) – looking for a clue.  Was there a step or something obvious I missed…?  Would an old experience or message now hold a new meaning?  Holy Moly, yes!

Years ago I was given a gift… called time.  I could have done anything with it and did.  One of the main things has been writing.  When I started this blog I’d mention often enough that I was not a writer – my spelling and writing style – not always grammatically correct.  (At one point in my career, I was trained by the best yet have now chosen to just write from the heart and in a language/format often guided by Spirit.)

Prior to 2012, I was spiritual.  I had moments/knowings/experiences since I was a child.  In 2012 though the Universe knew what to do so that I would walk away from my completed 3D life.  I had completed all the goals I had set out (yet didn’t know that at the time.)  Check to being married, having kids, a home, career, car, and a handful of both good and very challenging experiences – life.  This was the only way I knew and trust me that I did try to continue on in this way… yet Spirit had other plans.

[  I could say that the next step was the worst of times yet then and now I knew (enough)… like it had to happen and I was to stick with it.  Those awakening now can though have much smoother transitions.  It doesn’t have to be so dramatic.  ]

While many of us do know/hold a lot of spiritual knowledge and this can be enough… for some the amount/depths of the healing work – oh this is for the brave and knowing.  In 2012 I just wanted to be a bit more psychic… and these past six years have been anything but that!  Ha!  It’s been more about learning/remembering/practicing a list of other skills.  And these skills do come on and off line as the body upgrades/changes/heals.  I’ve been blessed to have lessons and practice on:

  • Mediumship
  • Channeling
  • Automatic writing
  • Dreams and then lucid dreaming
  • Meditation
  • Mother Nature
  • Lessons on love… unconditional love
  • Intuition, being an empath, aura/energy/seeing the unseen
  • Wayshowing
  • Gridwork
  • Astral/Galactic travel/meetings/time
  • Mastery
  • Signs
  • Body work… being present… reality work… relationships, yup the list could go on and on.

Before 2012 the teachings/remembrance was often through books and then via online resources.  Then Spirit started guiding.  And Yes, (with a capital Y) this journey is challenging/confusing/hard at times.  Very !!  I thought motherhood… my former career or some life experiences were challenging.  And… so worth every minute.  It is heart-opening, sacred, wild and fun.

So by reviewing where I was then to now.  Mind – Blown!!  In awe… humbling/no words… a wow!  It’s like one can get caught up/foreword thinking and it does help to stop and see… and appreciate.  I know that this didn’t have to happen… yet it did.  A gift indeed.

So I write all of this to say, many are or will be given a time/window.  It may be a moment or the rest of their life.  It may be a experience/knowing… or 144++ volumes of knowledge.  Really it doesn’t matter.

Many are at a crossroads, wondering if they should continue.  I can share that you know and that Spirit/the Universe will also make it a bit obvious.

[  Any negative can be turned into a positive.  ]

If you would have asked me in 2012… I would not have been able to tell all that has transpired since then.  It’s been a daily adventure/joy/challenge/commitment.  The process will give one a new foundation/roots/life.  A way is provided yet it’s not how one thinks.  And while many will choose a way/role and thrive… some of us are here and now to be hybrids and push to the forefront/edge of creation and expansion.  Either way is divine/perfect – all paths serve, one is not better than another.  And for many these years will serve us well in future years.  I know, all there is, is now and that is why we often forget that now holds more – imagine/feel the ripple 2-10 years/vibrations from now.

This is a profound experience.  It’s a relationship in itself and like any (new) love relationship – you give it all you have (often naturally), make it a priority and just don’t rush it.  You enjoy… savor it.  Respect and honor.  Hmm… a marriage ceremony – those words could also fit here.

So… if one is feeling a little wet/ugly duckling/awkward stage… you are being well prepared.  Ducklings grow into graceful swans.  They also know when to migrate.  These trumpet swans (love the name and symbolism) flew over the other day.  I actually  thought they were geese (also divine) yet a soul sister pointed me in the right direction – thank you 😊  ❤    Clarion calls will be coming in with this next full super moon.  This has been a month of holy moly – much.  Just listen….  Keep breathing.  And, thank you for reading.

9 comments on “Trumpet Swan

  1. inspiring, clear and well received, sounds a little like a lot of folks I know. you remind us of great things, thanks! NOT knowing the future is such a blessing, we get to enjoy the ride and make those wonderful AHA moments. (sometimes years later..) have a great day, and thanks for sharing your experiences, and swan photos- they really are just beautiful birds. momentummikey 🙂

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    • Mikey!! I remember you!! It’s been a while and so good to see you and read your words. Will need to catch up on your amazing blog, too. Thanks and much love.


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