At times I share what I feel… and other times what I experience.  The experiences are often what I wouldn’t have known/thought.  Much often happens in between posts – many moments and I share what I can.  So I was working on a post – Labor Pains…?  (and will include below) yet I knew I needed to pause.  More like, stop.  Amazing what surrender can do.  Literally letting it all, drop.  And when one does this, one also knows that this state may be… for a moment or some time. 

Oh one can still be a bit hard-headed (lol – me) yet, in trusting our body/knowing/process, signs become very clear.  And because we’re in a higher/accelerated/new time,  surrender (and it’s many benefits) that might have taken weeks/months can now happen literally in a day.

So, this is a time to soften… relax… know (trust)… and to…


Often we do need to clear the/our channel… check our reality… and pulse.  Allow for no thing… sacred space.  ❤

At times if you don’t stop… then how are you going to know what is your truth, on multiple levels (that sync into one).   This may even include falling apart/sadness/pity party/etc. and allowing others to love/support you.  These stages also took more time in the past yet can now pass quickly… (freefall/go deep, trust and allow).

Now may also be a time of something (unknown yet important) getting ready to cross your path and otherwise you’d missed it.

Much is passing by.  Like, would you like to try/do/experience this…?  While some are truly divine moments, some are more of a tease/test.  What may have been considered or a yes yesterday may now be a, NO.  Remember what you came here to now do.

For many much is going on in their energy/body.  Please be kind and patient to self.  This is not to be, work/hard.  It is to be honored/enjoyed.  One can be a victim… or experience/participate/master these changes.

This next concept/step… may not be for all.  There is a time of and for transitioning – where some in the past have gone quiet (for a variety of reasons).  They do operate on a new frequency/grid/world.  Leave the trail… and then leave the trail.  One will know if it’s time.  Those who need you, will find you.  It’s not that you go ghost… you become part of the divine… or a needed reality… and the mystery.


Yet… these are very interesting times indeed.  More will remain seen and of the higher vibration/what was before unseen.

I will also share that dropping/adding a new template may be more literal now.  Oh how so much of this used to be Spirit whispers/visions/in meditation and now very physically felt and known – feeling the exchange.  Often though one has to pause (we can get so in a momentum, we don’t realize we need to) and allow.

Okay, enough for now, yet will leave here the post I was working on:

Oh we are birthing something loves and lights.  I found myself pacing asking, what was this feeling… vibration… ??  We know to love and support self and others through it… and that it will pass and be worth it…

So the only thing I could come to was, labor pain.  One minute – happy/excited, knowing.  This has been a time of amazing.  The next though, yikes!  Oh the body and/or our mind and emotions.  One may feel the need to take swift action yet…  hold space and this moment in perspective.

I think one of the issues for many is, as they’ve rode these waves before, there might have been stories/knowing’s/releases/intel and now… that might not be the case.  So is it just collective clearing/forerunning/upgrading… as it continues…?   Possibly.

A change of pace and laughter may assist.  A mantra may also help.  Any set of words or short phrase/prayer that reminds and brings you comfort.  If there is something one needs to see/address/change… we know to.

And interesting… oxytocin is a hormone in labor.  It’s known as the love hormone as it also increases in hugging/social bonding…  (hint, hint).

(I’ll note though that online I saw that too much oxytocin can actually result in oversensitivity to the emotions of others (empathy) and anxiety/mood – whoo and hmm.  This may be about balance, keeping it flowing… or is or body literally processing massive amounts of, love??  Oh there’s so much yet to be discovered by science.  😊 )


Surrender… Soften… Dilate… Know… and Glow!  Into the full moon we go.  ❤

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