String Theory

And in with the Super Full Moon… new seems to be waking up/coming online.  Yet this has been a process and many have felt for weeks now.  Often we do finish lessons/experiences and then feel a bit of a whammy physically/emotionally/energy wise and then… we smile and move forward.

So the new may unfold in a variety of ways.  Often at first in moments and then more consistent.  It may be one’s personality (it’s back), new knowing’s, how your body feels (like awesome), a new energy/direction/goal, etc.  I will say though that some are/will be getting a continued/double dose of more light codes/body/emotional/reality work – stay the course.  View/receive it as an honor.

In the past I’ve been given the opportunity to do some spiritual homework and often on more science/space/quantum physics topics.  Oh Spirit really…?? as often all I could find was info that made my head spin.  For some this is our role though… to assist in bridging science and spirituality.  Oh there is so much we yet know or have proven.  At times I research and share and other times, like now… pictures verses words.

(click on pic to expand, just a random sample of pics/quotes)



I was excited to look at this topic as I feel it does tie into our dna/ascending/lightbody, too.  Look into if it interests.  Have fun… play with it… see if it ties/loops into your journey.  And then see what Spirit adds or your knowing’s are – keep the mind loose.



Much love and more soon.



(All pics found online)

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